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> > Since I'm obviously one of the people Barry is libeling with
> > the term "cyberstalker," 
> I can remember when you used to work out what time Barry made
> his first post of the day, you'd then triumphantly post this fact
> as though it proved some point. Dead creepy behaviour, kind of 
> worrying you don't have the self-awareness to realise it. Maybe 
> Carol shouldn't take your analyses at face value?

Hmmmmmmm...besides the tracking of what time I get up
in the morning, what *else* might indicate that Judy is
a...uh...bit of a cyberstalker?

Let's see...

Oh, I've got it. In her 7.7 years on Fairfield Life, 
Judy has made around 22,600 posts, an average of over
eight posts a day. 

Of those posts, the number that contain either "Barry"
or "Turq" or "TurquoiseB," meaning that she was either
talking about me or replying to something I posted or
replying to something that someone else posted about 
me was 7,626 posts. 

That means that she's spent 33.74% of her entire history
of posts on FFL obsessing about me. 

Nope...certainly no evidence of stalking there, eh?  :-)

> But Carol is a bit creepy too, she turns up here simply to 
> rubbish someone who isn't around to defend themselves to a 
> bunch of people with - what? a presumed shared dislike of 
> TM? Is that what this is about, TM gets criticised here and 
> J Knapp does some criticising too so therefore there must 
> be something deficient with TM critics? Or does she assume 
> we are all good mates and is trying to drive a presumed 
> wedge between anyone who might have TM-free sympathies?
> Whatever it is, it doesn't come across as a public service 
> announcement, more like some revenge fantasy. The only thing 
> that's obvious is that she needs more therapy to work out 
> why she behaves in this peculiar way. I fear that getting 
> Judy on her side will only entrench it, you don't find 
> healthy closure from someone who has to work out what time 
> her "enemies" get out of bed in the morning when they live 
> on the other side of the atlantic.

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