Right. Nobody would have any problems with Barry if it
weren't for my "training" them. Just amazing how
influential I am, isn't it? I mean, Barry's been trying
to train people for years to despise me and ignore my
posts, but he hasn't had anywhere near as much success.


I tell you, he does it to himself.

Of course, his "statistics" on these other folks are
just as distorted as those on me, for the same reasons.
And he knows it. No shame.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, turquoiseb  wrote:
> Speaking of Fun With Statistics :-), here are some 
> about a few of Judy's "trainees" in her ongoing course, 
> called How To Become An Obsessed Cyberstalker. 
> So far, Jim (doctordumbass) is winning, but Ann is 
> a close second. The first number is the total number 
> of posts they've made to FFL, at least under their
> current ID. The second is the number of those posts 
> that contain "Barry" OR "Turq" OR "TurquoiseB." The 
> third number is the percentage of their overall posts 
> that seem a tad...uh...obsessed (or at the very least
> overfocused) on Barry, just as their trainer intended 
> them to be:
> Jim -- 330 posts / 181 mention me -- 54.8%
> Ann -- 1172 posts / 586 mention me -- 50%
> Ravi -- 2276 posts / 907 mention me -- 39.8%
> Emily -- 1805 posts / 683 mention me -- 37.8%
> Raunchy -- 3847 posts  / 909 mention me -- 23.6%

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