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> > From TMFree, apparently a graduate of MSAE who's got 
> > his own little thing going. Thoughts anyone?
> > 
> > http://youtu.be/T1V_JD9rODk
> Since you asked for "thoughts," here are mine.
> Clearly, people here ( especially the members of The
> Clique, who must have been saving up for a pile-on
> fest ) didn't think much of this guy's act.
> What struck me as *obvious*, and something that I 
> don't think any of the detractors seem to have noticed,
> is that his act -- meaning his way of speaking, the
> way he moves and talks, etc. -- is pure Maharishi. 

It's not pure Maharishi, it's pure TMO. MMY doesn't actually speak like that, 
which is why I find it puzzling that people around him would embrace such a 
ridiculous affectation.


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