I suggest you read Anita Moorjani's "Dying to Be Me" from cover to cover and 
see what her perspective might do for your perspective.

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where two or three (or more) have come together in meditation, the
transcendence is there amidst them. 
600 scientific research studies
conducted during the past 35 years at more than 250 independent
universities and research institutes in thirty-three countries have
shown that the practice of transcending benefits all areas of
individual life—mind, body, behavior, and society.
in this research is compelling evidence that even a small group of
practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation program—as few
as 1% of a population—create a positive influence on society
reducing crime, accidents and other negative trends. This overall
increase of positivity in societal trends arises from the increasing
purity in collective consciousness of the entire population created
by hundreds of individuals experiencing the pure silence and peace of
Transcendental Consciousness. This phenomenon, first discovered by
scientists in 1974, was named the Maharishi
Effect in
honor of Maharishi who had predicted it more than a decade earlier.
discovery of the Maharishi Effect by modern science established a new
formula for the creation of an ideal peaceful society, free from
crime and problems.
Experientially, For Practicing transcending meditators who post to or lurk here 
on FFL, 
Agree:   [This is my experience].
Disagree:  [This is not my experience].
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> 49 doctordumbass@..., 
non-meditator> 36 Emily Reyn 
non-meditator> 34 Carol 
> 33 Share Long 
> 30 turquoiseb 
Disagree> 29 Ann 
> 26 authfriend 
> 21 salyavin808 
Agree> 21 nablusoss1008 
Agree> 20 Buck 
> 15 Bhairitu 
> 13 card 
> 12 raunchydog 
> 12 Alex Stanley 
>  9 obbajeeba 
>  7 Bob Price 
>  6 Susan 
>  6 Jason 
>  5 Xenophaneros Anartaxius 
>  5 Duveyoung 
non-meditator>  5 "emilymae.reyn" 
>  4 feste37 
>  4 John 
>  3 wgm4u 
>  3 seventhray27 
>  3 seekliberation 
>  3 merudanda 
Agree>  3 merlin 
>  2 emptybill 
>  2 azgrey 
non-meditator>  2 Ravi Chivukula 
>  2 "Richard J. Williams" 
>  1
>  1 Rick Archer 
Agree>  1 "martin.quickman" 
Agree> 1 Dick Mays 


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