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> Well Duh! Now Easyone, tell us when the Governor declared  marshal
law so 
> FEMA could do their jobs in safety. But... I guess you can't. 
Because she 
> didn't. Now tell us when she FINALLY authorized the Federal 
Government to come in 
> and do what she refused to do! Try Friday. After Bush came  down and
gave her 
> two options and told  her he was ready to move NOW , She  asked for
24 hours to 
> think it over! Even Ray Nagin now realizes it was the  Governors foot 
> dragging that slowed everything  down.

1. FEMA was not there to do their jobs, even today less than 1/2 of
FEMA resources have been deployed.    
2. Marshall Law was declared in NOLA on August 30.
3. The feds declaring katrina a disaster and the govs requesting
assistance, both of which was done before Katrina hit, is all that was
necessary for the feds to follow the National Response Plan which
clearly puts them in control of all aspects of disaster response.
4. The national guard is there to provide security, if they're there.
5. What Bush wanted 4 days after katrina was official fed control over
the national guard which is hardly ever done and is irrelevant since
the National Response Plan put in effect after 9/11 gives them all the
line authority they need over the guard.

Rove's lies about Blanco not requesting aid or declaring marshall law
can be easily proven false is you know how google.

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