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> Yes we are working on the grant proposals, none of them have yet been
submitted to any of the philanthropic institutions we are approaching
for funding - what difference does that make anyway?
You expressed an intent to help those suffering from PTSD.  I was
wondering what progress you had made toward that end.
> And if you can't understand that having something "good" taught by
people who are not examples of the "good" of that technique perhaps you
should learn something about logic and critical thinking.
Ok, you don't like the people who are in charge of the program and so
you feel they should be prevented from implementing the program.  How's
that philosophy working for you?

I really have a problem with my banking representative at US Bank.  I
feel she is unresponsive and arrogant.  Do you think I should begin a
campaign to have her fired, or should I just find a different bank? (and
so I did.  find a different bank)

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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Another point of view about TM for PTSD
vets, students, prison inmates, etc.
> Â
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson wrote:
> > You offer to challenge me to back up my statements. So challenge me
on this. I will be very plain.
> >
> > With TM and the sidhis, either it works or it doesn't work.
> >
> > If it does work, and the TMO has as much money as they appear to,
then it is criminal for them not to initiate a program such as I
outlined in this previous post. If they have the money and can save the
world, why are they not doing it. Back that up.
> Hey Michael, Why don't you try listening to what I said.  I said
TM can be judged by the results or lack of results in treating PTSD.Â
I didn't say anything about the sidhis or whether TM produces world
peace or any other claim.
> But you are so locked into your mindset that evidently you are unable
to examine this one application without bringing in all your other
> That's fine, but it doesn't factor into whether TM helps PTSD or not
and it doesn't pertain to the point I was bringing up.Â
> As for me, personally, I got results.  I got results on the
practical level and the spiritual level.Â
> And as for backing up claims, it was you that said you wereÂ
working on grant proposals.  Do you understand that?  Those were
your words, your claim.  I asked how that was going and if you
actually submitted any proposals.  I guess you haven't.  I guess
that was just something to give you cover as you launch your usual rant.

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