On 01/16/2013 07:04 AM, Richard J. Williams wrote:
> Bhairitu:
>> Sonoma is expensive or was the last time I
>> was there...
> My daughter lives in Santa Rosa and it is very
> expensive. A few years ago I considered moving
> there to buy and operate a pot farm but that
> would cost me almost half my inheritance. LoL!
> RFC:
> 2. Orinda, CA
> "Located outside of Oakland...The town is home
> to a bevy of artsy activities that draw residents
> by the thousands including the Orinda Film
> Festival and the annual Shakespeare Festival."
> 'America's Friendliest Towns'
> http://tinyurl.com/afuspcr

FYI, I used to work in Orinda and have friends who live there.  It is 
very upscale and old money.

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