Do you see any difference between Bernie Madoff and Marshy?

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I predict a 20+ trillion debt after he leaves office too.  But we, voters, are 
just as much to blame, as well as Republicans.  Who was the last Republican 
president to balance the budget?  I'm not sure...but I think it was Eisenhower. 

Moreover, Republican candidate Mitt Romney didn't really indicate to me, as a 
voter, that he had any magic plans to fix the economy.  Paul Ryan, however, did 
propose a balanced budget.....only to be ridiculed publicly by Obama.  And so 
people voted for Obama.  The idea of a budget that involves taking any benefits 
away is unacceptable by most people. 

Bottom line, Americans expect more than what the government can offer.  We are 
so used to so many benefits that we will revolt once they are gone.  It is like 
a stuck-up child turning 18 and experiencing shock as a result of thier 
discovery of how hard it really is to earn what they've been given all their 

But if someone insists on blaming a specific political party, be my guest.  
Regardless of who's fault it is, people are going to discover what a hard life 
truly is as things get worse.

I'm not sure exactly how people define greed.  I know Conservatives are a 
scapegoat for this quality.  But I personally consider greed to be any form of 
expectation without sacrifice to be 'greed'.  And sacrifice has become a 
4-letter word in our modern America.  I don't see much difference between 
someone like Bernie Madoff and someone on welfare (excluding the mentally and 
physically disabled).  The only difference to me is in the number of people 
screwed by their efforts.  But the psychology and ideology are the exact same.  
I want 'stuff' and I don't want to sweat for it. 


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> Ah, no big deal! And jeepers, what a great legacy he will leave behind. (How 
> sad for America, and the world.)


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