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>>> I've commented here before about "Copper," the BBC/
>>> BBC/America co-production that I thought was excellent.
>>> Now there is another one, called "Ripper Street." It
>>> is already showing in Britain, and is about to start
>>> showing in the US this Saturday.
>>> I've seen the first episode, and I think it's as good
>>> as "Copper." As you can guess from the title, it's a
>>> gritty cop drama set in the Whitechapel area of London
>>> in 1889, shortly after the Jack The Ripper murders.
>>> Worth checking out, unless you're one of those wussy
>>> types who can't stand violence, nudity, or good TV.
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripper_Street
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaK6KjaNlPc
>> Seen the promos for it.  BTW, it's "pile on" time by the
>> TV networks. Comedy is the theme as HBO and Showtime all
>> have new seasons of comedies. I watched the "Enlightened"
>> season 2 opener which got off to a fun start and the same
>> for "Girls". That leaves the US version of "Shameless",
>> "House of Lies" and "Californication" to watch.
> Never got into "House of Lies" or "Shameless," and
> was disappointed with the first new episode of
> "Californication." I never got off on the self-
> obsessed self-obsession of "Girls," and thus never
> watched much of it; don't intend to now.

Self obsession is what the millennial generation is about.  This is the 
generation that was taught "there are no losers, everybody wins."  Lena 
deals with it well in the series and recognizes it's a problem.  Her 
character "Hanna" has a degree but can't find a job any better than an 
intern position.  I find it very interesting because I've been dealing 
with these types for years.  You tell a joke to one of them and they 
just stare at you while older folks standing around will be cracking 
up.  Perennially green behind the ears, I guess.  I talked with one the 
other day who is a tech recruiter and probably the older recruiter 
handed me off to him so she could watch his head spin.  They have such 
preconceived notions and believe thats the only way it is.

> As for "Enlightened," as an interesting data point
> for you, I didn't even know the season had restarted,
> because the new episode never appeared on my "Top Ten
> TV Show Downloads" list on TPB. That, to me, means
> that no one is watching it, because no one is sharing
> it. And, having watched this new episode, I understand
> why -- it's as close to painful as watching TV can be.
> Laura Dern's character is as close as it gets to watch-
> ing some of the self-obsessed narcissism we see on FFL
> on television. She is so *desperate* to be "important,"
> to be at the center of world-shaking events, to feel that
> she is changing the world in important ways, that she
> spends her whole life imagining that this is so, and
> oblivious of how people around her really perceive her.
> Meanwhile, while considering herself so sensitive, she
> is *completely* unaware of the needs of or the welfare
> of others around her. She just uses them to help her
> accomplish her narcissistic goals.

Of course her character's narcissism is what the show is about. She's 
like watching a train wreck about to happen in slow motion. You know 
there is going to be all kinds of trouble with her new scheme.

> Fascinating role, but as I say, painful to watch. Then
> again, reading FFL is pretty painful these days, too.
> Between Share's blissninnyness, Nabby's desperate cling-
> ing to lifelong fantasies, and Buck's ravings, the forum
> has become a parody of New Age spirituality.

And a parody of New Age spirituality is indeed what the show is about.  
But I think it plays better to Portlandia fans who enjoy a similar kind 
of parody there.

My "free HBO" will be running out probably right after the end of these 
seasons. I'll lose the second Extended Basic tier on Comca$t but my 
Showtime promo price doesn't run out until fall or after the final 
season of Dexter airs (starting June 30th).  When Comca$t goes IPTV I'll 
probably cancel and get U-Verse TV until their promo runs out and then 
DirectTV when that runs out....  I call that "provider roulette". :-D

I respect copyrights too much being a copyright holder but the media 
companies have gone crazy.  They wanted to put the kid that committed 
suicide in prison longer than they put murderers.  This time it may have 
backfired and we need to question $250K fines and 5 years in prison for 
downloading a video or MP3.

HOWEVER, if the Republicans, NeoCons, banksters succeed in turning the 
US into a third world country which is where it is heading then all this 
stuff won't be affordable my the majority and probably why Netflix and 
the soon coming Redbox streaming may be winners as well as the pay per 
video streaming.  I know what the cable companies pay per month for FX, 
Syfy, etc and there is no reason those series episodes (including HBO, 
Showtime) couldn't make money at a $1 per episode rental (currently $3).

Look to Nigeria for the future of America.

> I've watched all three of the "Ripper Street" episodes
> shown on BBC so far, BTW, and still recommend it. It's a
> pretty good series.

The question is will it be censored or not in the US?   Funny thing is 
that the IFC Channel shows movies uncut and not blurred and it is on the 
second tier of Extended Basic and not a premium channel.

Last night I watched "Branded", a movie which is now available 
pay-per-video and at Rebox kiosks on DVD.  The film is about an 
advertising guy in Russia who gets involved in an ad campaign to help 
sagging fast food sales.   Though the film is in English it was shot in 
Russia and the director who is American has lived there since the fall 
of the Soviet Union and the other director is Russian (they're both on 
the commentary).  So it is like one of those quirky former Soviet block 
films like I often watch on Netflix but in English.  So it has it's 
moments but probably not for everybody. The point is how out of hand 
marketing has become.


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