Hyattsville, MD 20781, semi detached homes built after the war.  Lots of 
Catholic families so lots of progeny.  Some of the families had 6 children in a 
3 bedroom house!  No swimming pools but beyond the big empty field was a cliff 
and one huge tree had a tire swing going out over the cliff.  The cliff was 
made of clay and we would make ash trays and hand prints, etc. out of that 
clay.  At the bottom of the cliff was a small forest and beyond that forest was 
a creek that separated us from the Queenstown Kids (-:
Oh, and there was another tire swing, on their side of the creek, that swung 
out over the water.
Wonderful to share a neighborhood with you now, Steve.  

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Just checking in here for a moment.  Sounds like we grew up in the same 
neighorhood - 809 Louwen Drive, 63124. We also had a creek with large tadpoles 
and frogs, A great sycamore tree for climbing.  One family even had a swimming 
pool.  I can still name the families down the street.  Lazaroffs next door, 
then the Wilensky's, then the Collingers, then the the Abrams, Ukman's, 
Hirsh's, Hochman's, Reiss's and on and on.

We moved when I was 12. Never the same after that.

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> Some aspects of my childhood were quite wonderful and I wouldn't mind 
> repeating.  We lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids and we had a great 
> and safe hill for sledding and safe streets for playing kickball and 
> sidewalks for rollerskating, etc.  It was a bit of a cul de sac so the 
> streets were fairly car free and thus safe for bicycling.  My sisters and I 
> often biked or walked to a locally owned small grocery store even when we 
> were quite young.  There was a huge empty field  behind our house and we 
> played outside just about all the time.  None of this watching TV for hours 
> and hours!  
> Thanks for the story about how Fry's morphed from food to electronics.
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> So you want to go through childhood again?  I know many folks who don't 
> relish that.  Now if we could just be born in our twenties that might be 
> fun! :-D
> On 01/16/2013 07:47 AM, Share Long wrote:
> > Can't wait to come back (-:
> > Though how does that work if Earth is no longer here?  Plopped onto an 
> > asteroid instead?  Into a nebula?  Sucked by a black hole?
> >
> >
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> >> Buck, what say you to this?  Is FF a New Age community?  Is the 
> >> weather beyond redemption?Â
> > When they actually start levitating in the year 12,300 AD they will also be 
> > able to change the weather, so what's to worry about? Finally heaven on 
> > earth. In fact, earth won't even be necessary anymore and will just 
> > disappear all together..:-)
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