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> I don't know of any who left the TMO to make money out of teaching,
> > it was all to do with freedom from the excessive rules and stupidity
> like the Scorpionland debacle. And they are endlessly being
> > threatened with legal action. TM must be the most fraught relaxation
> technique....
> >
> In my experience, with a few of these teachers, in every case it was for
> money.
> Usually nobody minds copyright and trademark infringement, unless it
> affects them personally.  Then suddenly it's a whole different story. 
> And likely, you would be no exception.

On the contrary, I like a bit of competition. The independents all
charged much less than the TMO and perhaps it was this need to get
people through the door that forced TMO to lower the price? eventually
it became almost sensible and if you care about that sort of thing....

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