I think Salyavin addressed all these issues better than I can - but reading the 
Thom Knowles bio is very revealing to me.

And the whole thing really challenges the TMO to an opportunity to either come 
out of the closet or be honest for a change.

Meaning - if all or most of the "scientific" research has been truly conducted 
by non-TM practicing independent researchers on the mantra practice we cal TM, 
and Knowles and his teachers teach the same mantras, taught in exactly the same 
way, then the research applies to Vedic meditation too.

If the three days checking, puja and so forth are part of the "Holy Tradition" 
that Marshy got from his Guru Dev, then it really can't be trademarked or 
copyrighted. If on the other hand, it is something that M made up, then it can 
be copyrighted and trademarked and proves that the Big M was a liar.

And so on and so forth with regards to rounding course which the Vedic 
meditation teachers also offer, sidhis instruction and so on - so I bet it will 
be interesting to see what the outcome of the legal deal will be.

I have never met Thom, but from his video and his advertising materials he 
seems to fit the profile that I have mentioned here on FFL before - that a some 
of the former TM teachers who strike out on their own set themselves up as 
little Maharishis  - Knowles in fact calls himself Maharishi - wonder if Rick 
will interview him on BATGAP?

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--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson  wrote:
> Yes you are right - ignorant plain old meditators and sidhas
> are too ignorant to make such assessments, even non-recertified
> TM teachers are not able to make such assessments. Only legal, 
> recertified authentic and in good standing with Bevan, King
> Tony and of course the illustrious Neal Patterson and all the
> rajas will be able to make such assessments.

Oh, come on, Michael, it's a perfectly reasonable question,
and I asked it politely. There's no need to get snarky.

Plus which, the folks who would actually be learning how to
meditate from the course wouldn't even be TM practitioners.

I'm a long-term practitioner of TM and the TM-Sidhis but not
a TM teacher, and while I could certainly spot many types
of differences, I'm not sure I'd notice subtle ones.

Seems to me it's akin to the difference between, say, a
first-year medical student and an experienced M.D.
evaluating a patient's condition.

What inspired my question was that I was wondering how the
TMO would make its legal case if there were differences with
regard to some of the more esoteric aspects of TM, the puja
in particular, that the TMO felt were significant but that a
judge would simply snort at. E.g., could there be, in the
TMO's mind, some interference with the purported link to the
Holy Tradition established by the puja if it wasn't performed
under MMY's auspices? (Yes, I know he's dead and all. I'm
talking esoteric here.)

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNy-SWJ4G-U - video of Thom Knowles

Well, I can't see anything obviously wrong with this
explanation in terms of principles, but then of course I'm
already very familiar with what it's describing. I do have
the sense it's not presented quite as it would be in the TM
(TMO) context, but I'm not really sure, nor could I say
it would make any difference if it wasn't.

(I'm turned off by him personally--especially the 
pretentiousness of his trilling the "R" in "mantra"--but
that's just me. I'd find it just as annoying if a
regulation TM teacher did it.)

> And I e-mailed one of the Vedic Meditation teachers and asked
> about puja - am waiting on her reply


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> >
> > From what I have looked at the Vedic Meditation is exactly TM
> > in all its aspects including the Sidhi programme, taught the
> > same way, just under a different name
> In what way have you looked at it, Michael, if I may ask?
> The Web site isn't that informative about how it's taught.
> Do they do the puja?
> Seems to me you'd have to be a regulation TM teacher and
> actually take the courses to know for sure whether there
> were any differences, wouldn't you?


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