Something to that, especially around here, with micro-climates, mountains, bay 
and coast, all within a few miles. I hit black ice twice, on curves, and tore 
up the car I was driving, both times. Can't see it in the dark, and the 
steering goes inop - very scary. 

Also driving in San Francisco, which has slightly more hills than Holland, I 
was driving on Judah, parallel to Golden Gate Park, and someone ran a stop sign 
on my right, and they were suddenly halfway in front of me, and I was about to 
crash into them. I jerked the car left instinctively, and they must have seen 
me by then, and braked. Made it through unscathed, though driving in the City 
can be crazy time. 

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> > > My XK8 weighs just two thirds of what the XJ6 did, with 
> > > an additional 100 horsepower, and two additional cylinders. 
> > > It is also a drive by wire vehicle, like an aircraft. Very 
> > > spirited, with such quick handling, I have to be careful 
> > > the car doesn't out-think me. 
> > 
> > NOT, if you think about it, the most wonderful 
> > testament to your thinking abilities, Jimbo. :-)
> > 
> > I mean, I've driven Ferraris and Maseratis with 
> > triple the horsepower and torque of your puny 
> > Jag, and they never out-thought me. 
> And you probably never owned anything faster than a Peugeot either :-)

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