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> Thanks, seekliberation, yours sounds like a balanced view of Hillary and the 
> whole situation.  It helps me understand.    

Steve is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. Let's sort through 
the weeds of misinformation:

Hillary's Opening Remarks Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 

Hillary's Opening Remarks Before the House Foreign Affairs Committee 

ARB Report

ARB Report Summary

The ugly truth is that the same people who are accusing the administration of 
not providing sufficient security for the American consulate in Benghazi have 
voted to cut the State Department budget, which includes financing for 
diplomatic security. The most self-righteous critics don't seem to get the 
hypocrisy, or maybe they do and figure that if they hurl enough doubts and 
complaints at the administration, they will deflect attention from their own 
poor judgments on the State Department's needs.

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> Despite a few liberal attitudes on some issues, i'm sure my posts have shown 
> that I lean to the right and consider most problems in this country to be the 
> result of personal irresponsibility and poor decisions as opposed to evil 
> government or evil businessmen.  This is generally the position that most 
> conservatives take.  Moreover, i've never been a fan of Hillary or Bill.  Not 
> so much because of their policies, but more so their character, or lack 
> thereof.
> However, I will have to say that this emphasis on Hillary during this whole 
> Benghazi situation is rather unnecessary.  If a decision to not send in 
> support to assist those who were killed, then that falls more on Obama's 
> shoulders, IMO.  If there was a cover-up trying to place blame on the 
> anti-muslim film rather than something else, that was certainly more of a 
> political maneuver trying to cover the WHOLE administration's ass, not just 
> Hillary.  Then we have alleged requests for more security that was never put 
> into action.  Well guess what, there are requests for security everywhere.  
> Every base in Afghanistan needs more security, every embassy, every village 
> stability site, and every post.  But the US military and DOS is not an 
> omnipresent force that can magically create an invincible fortress. 
> I also think it's funny how Republicans are so blood-thirsty over 4 deaths 
> when tens of thousands have died for other unnecessary reasons.  Even the war 
> in Afghanistan has shown signs that it is a waste of effort and lives.  
> Hillary has, in my opinion, done just fine as Sec Of State.  Probably average 
> to well above average in comparison to any other in the past.  Trust me, I 
> don't like her at all, but I have to call it like I see it.  (it's also funny 
> that Democrats aren't angry at all, but would be if it were McCain or Romney 
> who made this mistake).
> Another factor to consider here is that they were in a Muslim country.  
> Politically correct or not, bottom line is that there are a multitude of 
> individuals in these nations who have a very strong desire to kill Americans. 
>  So if you volunteer as a contractor, Dept of State employee, or Dept of 
> Defense, then you either accept that risk, or you are simply blissfully 
> ignorant of what you are getting yourself into.  Just like George Carlin said 
> about these contractors overseas "If you don't want to get your head chopped 
> off, stay the f**k in Oklahoma!". 
> I do agree that the lack of action is a fault and should be corrected.  It is 
> more on Obama's shoulders than anyone.  The worst thing I can think of 
> accusing Hillary of is ignoring requests for additional security.  The 
> decision to not send in Close Air Support or a FAST team is primarily Obama, 
> not Hillary. 
> I do agree with what Hillary said in terms of 'what difference does it make, 
> let's learn from this and prevent it in the future'.  The US Government has 
> made much worse calls in the past that have resulted in tens of thousands 
> dying. 
> seekliberation
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> > So Hillary, did you enjoy your short lived glory? I hope you enjoyed your 
> > trips abroad, because thar's all thet were, travel opportunities. Enjoy 
> > your tax paid retirement, bitch! (4 dead).
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