For me there are three - one was the curry I made at the Blowing Rock Sidhi 
Prep course facility where I combined broccoli and bananas (with other stuff) I 
did it on a whim and when people saw it, they recoiled but when they tasted it, 
it was really pretty good.

The second was not exactly a meal but it was when I was baking at MIU and we 
had the task of making pizza dough for the cooks to make the pizza - Sophie 
Thiery who was the second baker got really creative and we in the bakery 
started making our own personal pizzas with all kinds of stuff for toppings - 
it was not that the pizza was any better than what the cooks were making, it 
was just the fun of it.

The third was the Great Midwestern Ice Cream we had when I was baker - that was 
fun because I was one of three people in the kitchen who had a key to the 
locker in the freezer the 5 gallon drums of ice cream were kept in - and it was 
great fun to maraud anytime we wanted to - I especially liked the mango.

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I know this is extremely trivial, but do you remember what was the best or most 
fun meal you ever had on a TM course or at a TM facility?


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