Hi Michael, thanks for your reply.  FFL has been a learning experience for me 
too.  Just to clarify, I don't think you are the creator of negative energy.  
My experience is that it simply exists as an essential and juicy part of life.  
Yin yang.  

And I agree with you that it is not negativity to call a man who robs a bank a 
robber.  However, I think what is written here in relation to the TMO is 
definitely more than calling a man who robs a bank a robber.    

For example, I think and yes, it is my opinion, that how you rearrange 
Maharishi's name indicates something more than simply stating a fact.  And yes, 
I do think your choice of John Jones is also indicative of something more than 
simply stating the facts.  Such choices and such wordings
contribute to what I call the tone of a post.  And it is the tone that to me 
suggests whether or not and to what degree a person is operating under a 
charge, an issue.

And yes, I recognize that I have my charges and my issues.  Having learned some 
lessons here, I try to post only when the charge has settled out, as was the 
case with my first response to you on this topic.  If I failed and offended 
you, I apologize.  

As for addressing the incident in question, since I have no personal knowledge 
of it, I feel responsible to refrain from commenting.  And because I'm 
practical, I tend to focus on what can be done NOW to help the whole situation. 
 Obviously what happened in the past cannot be changed.  Again, you must know 
this from your work with vets.  Is it not more compassionate towards them to 
help them reach some peaceful resolution here and now?  

And yes, I understand that you also want to prevent such in the future.  We 
simply differ in our opinions as to how to go about doing that.

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Thanks for the good wishes, Share - being on FFL has been a learning experience 
for me in many ways.

In part it has helped me to deal with the unresolved understandings of how 
something that appeared to be so good for me could come in the context of what 
in the past was odd and incomprehensible behavior from Maha and his TM
 Movement. I have now a clear understanding of all my TM experiences and 
understand it now. 

I am
 still learning some things about what has gone down with the TMO in years past 
and for my part I do not have the feeling it does me any good to hear all these 
 (like TMO reps pressing people to give $50,000 minimum payment for a Vedaland 
project the TMO knew was not going to be built AND using films of Doug Henning 
when they knew he was dying) and talk sweetness and light about Marsh-hee and 
the TMO. The
 negativity you experience was and is created by Mar-ha-ree-shee and his 
organization. Myself and a few others here who speak about this aren't the 
creators of the "negative" energy. 

As I have said before, if a man robs a bank and you call him a robber it isn't 
negativity. If a man masquerades as a spiritual leader claiming to have no 
interest in women, power and money and is a liar, a womanizer, a money hungry 
self aggrandizing charlatan who needed his title and picture on everything 
under the sun and someone describes that person and his organization in just 
that way, it isn't negative, just reporting the truth. But when such truth 
feels negative, maybe it is bumping up against the illusions some hold about 
Maha being the spiritual savior of Mother Earth.

One never knows what a post here on FFL will bring forth from others - its 
always interesting!

I read what everyone has said so far and I agree with Barry - why not discuss 
 incident itself - one reason I had such a reaction was I had never heard of 
TMO deliberately soliciting rounding sidhas/governors to make a major financial 
decision while doing long term rounding - it surely goes against every rule of 
rounding I ever heard of.

But perhaps I should appreciate the TMO and Marshy more fully - maybe they took 
and take the John Jones approach to heppin' people. John Jones is an undefeated 
UFC fighter (mixed martial arts) - I saw him today in a documentary about Bruce 
Lee - Jones said he feels like he is helping people when he is hitting them in 
the face. He says that he is helping them by beating the weakness out of them 
and they are better people for the experience. 

So maybe Maharshy and his TMO felt that if they lied to and scammed people 
enough it would beat the innocence and gullibility out of us - worked for me! I 
am a better person! 

I realize I open myself up to untold charges of "negativity" by
 making such a comparison.

Also, having read the Good Doctor's latest post, as for myself I am not 
fighting old battles, only commenting on what was and what is. The unknowing 
public of today need to and deserve to hear such stories so they will be 
prepared when David Lynch and his TMO buddies come calling with their toothy 

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Michael I'm fresh from the work of Paul Wong who comes from a background of 
Chinese medicine and various energy modalities.  I think you practice a form of 
qigong.  And still meditate sometimes.  And work with individuals with PTSD.  
With all this in mind I just want to say that I wish you substantial and even 
complete resolution of all traumatic experiences, whatever their origin.  I 
think you and others here have an intention to be helpful when you speak 
negatively about the TMO.  But when there's so much negativity and delivered 
with such a negatively charged tone, then I think there's also some healing yet 
to be done.  And I don't think it's just about the TMO.  But in a crucial 
sense, that doesn't even matter.  What matters is that those charges are in 
your body, in your brain physiology, in your energy field.  Hopefully from your 
own experience you know what I mean.  Anyway, FWIW.  And you probably already 
know this but as your charges
 are neutralized, to use Paul's word, all of your actions will be more 
effective, even those in relation to the TMO.  I'm just sayin (-:       

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as I do not believe in past or future lives I am good



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