Carol me and many of my long term TM friends could care less if we're 
enlightened.  But I want to respond to your exchange with Emily about 
backpacking, walking the dog, etc.

I remember the first time I meditated in March 1975 I thought, oh, I've had 
before.  It was very familiar to me.  From sometimes getting in the zone
 when I played sports.  Sometimes snoozing in the hammock in the backyard
 after work.  Sometimes from dancing to my favorite music.  Body surfing!  
Sometimes from
 marijuana.  And I definitely wanted that relaxed but alive experience 
in a natural way.  I think that's what I get with TM.  

I really like 
Maharishi's analogy for this:  meditating is like dipping a cloth in the dye 
where the cloth is your nervous system and the dye is Being or pure 
consciousness or what Doc calls Silence.  Then engaging in daily 
activity is like putting the cloth in the sun.  The color fades, but not 
completely.  What color is left after fading in the sun, that color is 
permanent.  Then dip in dye again, then fade again, over and over until 
one day the color is totally permanent.  Being or Silence is permanently 
experienced along with all other states.  Maharishi calls it restful 
alertness and for me that phrase captures its quality of being both settled and 
potentially full of activity.   

I'd say practicing TM makes the whole process not necessarily faster but more 

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I'm curious to hear/read different folks descriptions of what it is like to 
have the Silence permeate other areas of your life. 

And why is this state of grounded in the self and permanent silence called 


PS: Jim (doctordumbass) stated in his own words regarding Enlightenment: 
"It is anything but a static state, first experienced as always being grounded 
in the Self, or permanent silence. Once a person is established in Silenc 
within, the enlightenment begins to "infect" everything else. The Silence 
within can no longer be overshadowed, destroyed, or disrupted. Sounds crazy, 
He stated that here:



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