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> I'm curious to hear/read different folks descriptions of what it is like to 
> have the Silence permeate other areas of your life. 
> And why is this state of grounded in the self and permanent silence called 
> "Enlightenment?"

My wild guess is it might be based (at least) on these two suutras:

nirvicaara-vaishaaradye 'dhyaatma-prasaadaH. (I 47)

Taimni's translation:

On attaining the utmost purity of the nirvicaara stage (of samaadhi)
there is the dawning of the spiritual light.

(The on following the YF-suutra:)

bahir-akalpitaa vRttir mahaa-videhaa; tataH prakaashaavaraNakSayaH.

The power of contacting the state of consciousness (vRttir) which is outside 
(bahiH) the intellect and is therefore inconceivable is called mahaa-videhaa. 
From it is destroyed the covering of light.

(I'm not sure how "good" that particular translation is...LOL!)

> Thanks!
> PS: Jim (doctordumbass) stated in his own words regarding Enlightenment: 
> "It is anything but a static state, first experienced as always being 
> grounded in the Self, or permanent silence. Once a person is established in 
> Silenc within, the enlightenment begins to "infect" everything else. The 
> Silence within can no longer be overshadowed, destroyed, or disrupted. Sounds 
> crazy, huh?:-)"
> He stated that here: 
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/333754
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