On 01/29/2013 06:37 AM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> I feel you make a convincing case, I have not done extensive meditation with 
> other traditions/techniques, but I have wondered about the things you bring 
> up - since the Mallorca and Fuiigi courses were before my time I have only 
> heard vague rumors about tons of unstressing.
> So I would like to hear from others here who have done long meditation 
> courses - did you experience unstressing? And what did happen on the Mallorca 
> and Fuigi courses?

One stupidest things they did on TTC was to test for checking notes 
while up in rounds.   With people so much unstressing it was difficult 
NOT to screw up.  By the time I went to TTC I had already checked over 
200 people.  If I had been given the test at the beginning of TTC I 
would have passed easily.  At least they didn't do that to test for the 
puja memorization.

In my tantra path you just meditate for a long time not round.  This is 
particularly done during eclipses and Indian "holy" days.  But then one 
is also taught when to NOT meditate as if you aren't feeling right it 
will be counterproductive.

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