Card what do tat and ling and gaat mean?
According to brahma-suutras, brahma(n) is aakaashas tallin.gaat (tat + 

Can mangalam be translated as auspiciousness?  

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Well, aakaasha and Dark Matter / Energy?

It seems possible that aakaasha is almost equivalent with
Dark Energy / Matter.


First of all, in Sanskrit, the prefix 'aa-' (different from the
negative prefix 'a-') reverses the meaning at least in connection
with verbs of going and giving. So

gam = to go; aa-gam = to come (cf. aagama)

daa (duh) = to give; aa-daa = to take

One of the meanings of the verb 'kaash' seems to be 'to shine'.

So, perhaps 'aa-kaash' could mean 'shine "inwards"', and
'aakaasha' 'stuff, that shines "inwards"', and thus seems
non-existent outwards??

Almost everybody even in Minnesota might know by now, that
Dark Energy *accelerates* the expansion of our Universe.

The word 'brahman' (nominative singular neuter: brahma;
masculine: brahmaa) is derived from the root 'bRh' (~ brih).

One of its  meanings is 'to expand':

bRh     2 or %{bRMh} cl. 1. P. (Dha1tup. xvii , 85) %{bRMhati} (also %{-te} 
S3Br. and %{bRhati} AV. ; pf. %{babarha} AV. ; A. p. %{babRhANa4} RV.) , to be 
thick , grow great or strong , increase (the finite verb only with a prep.): 
Caus. %{bRMhayati} , %{-te} (also written %{vR-}) , to make big or fat or 
strong , increase , ***expand*** , further , promote MBh. Katha1s. Pur. Sus3r. 
; %{barhayati} see %{sam-bRh}: Intens. %{barbRhat} , %{barbRhi} see %{upa-bRh}

According to brahma-suutras, brahma(n) is 

aakaashas tallin.gaat (tat + ling-gaat)

Brahma Sutras

by Swami Sivananda
Section 1: Akasadhikaranam: Topic 8 (Sutra 22)

The word 'Akasa' must be understood as Brahman.

Akasastallingat I.1.22 (22)

The word Akasa i.e., ether here is Brahman on account of characteristic marks 
(of that i.e. Brahman being mentioned).

(Those who are familiar with devanaagarii, can check out be sure that the accurate transliteration is 'aakaasha',
not 'akasa' (yikes!))


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