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> > BTW my smiley faces mean that I was joking
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> Yay! The meaning of the smiley face. 

While I seriously doubt that you understood this meaning,
I shall riff on it anyway, just for FUN. :-)

The smiley face is an artifact of the early days of what
we now know as the Internet. Back in those early days, 
for those who were not There Then, it was called Arpanet,
and it was populated by people who were mainly programmers,
and thus somewhat...uh...humor-deprived.

Those who were...uh...somewhat *less* humor-deprived found
that people were reacting Seriously to things they had said
that were on the other side of the galaxy from anything
they considered Serious, and sought a remedy for this
perplexing problem. And thus was born the smiley face. 

The smiley face is a remedial educational device, designed
to remind people who take themselves Far Too Seriously
that not everyone shares their particular sense of humor
or lack thereof. Its creator cites its creation as a 
fed-up reminder that, "Hey...I'm having FUN here...why
aren't you?"

The original smiley face paradigm was meant as a reminder
that people may say things that make you completely uptight
and that plunge you into a reactive state in which you get
perturbed or angry or whatever and feel that you have to
get All Serious On Their Asses in reply...uh...that you
don't necessarily have to Be That Way. 

The original smiley face paradigm was supposed to be 
interpreted as an indication that the poster was having
FUN while posting the things you found so objectionable,
and that if you just Lightened The Fuck Up, you might
be able to have FUN with them, too. 

Then, as now, it is often misinterpreted. 

The Lightened Up tend to use it anyway, as part of their
compassionate Bodhisattva Vow-like quest to help others
Lighten Up, too. 

Now you know.  :-)

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