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> > It is true he gave praise to Guru Dev early on,

> Anybody else have the impression that Maharishi stopped, or
> even reduced, his praise of Guru Dev at any point?

In no way whatsoever. Maharishi dedicated everything he did to Guru Dev from 
day 1 untill the end. 
MJ has fallen for the Turqs: "Maharishi good in the beginning bad in the end" 
bait which is part of the Buddhist in Holland new strategy. No doubt more fools 
will take this "sink&hooker" not realizing it's another desperate attempt from 
the Turq to make Maharishi look smaller. The Turq HAS to try to step up his 
attacks now that everyone sees that the TMO is not the failure he has preached 
for years and years.

> Were pictures of Guru Dev replaced by pictures of Maharishi
> at any TM facility, does anyone know?

It's nonsense, as much of what MJ writes.

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