And yesterday I received a jyotish newsletter warning that transiting Mars and 
Mercury are conjunct for a while.  In an ayurveda course we learned that vata 
leads, so vata out of balance can pull pitta out of balance.  My ex in 
Vancouver explains that a lot of people who blog, etc. are Thinking Introvert 
types in the Myers Briggs model.  And don't forget what the FFL chart itself 
indicates.  We can blame it all on that!

Thanks for your insights, seekliberation.  BTW, I think the US is currently in 
Mars Mercury.  As am I and I've been told I'm pure pitta.  However I'm planning 
to do some puja to both Mars and Merc.  That should keep me in line (-:  

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I'm no expert (and that's putting it lightly) on Jyotish or AyurVed.  However, 
I would probably say there are other reasons for the POV's expressed on this 
forum.  Some post because they are full of ideas and are talkative, but lack 
depth of conversation with their surrounding family/friends (as is my case).  
This forum is a good outlet for such people.  In Vedic Astrology, planets in 
Aquarius, especially Mercury and Jupiter, can give rise to overflowing ideas 
that are likely to be expressed either in speech or writing.  Mercury is a 
Vata/Pitta planet, and Jupiter is a Kappha planet.  Aquarius is ruled by 
Saturn, which is a Vata planet.  I would think that Pittas might have too much 
steam to blow off in other ways besides the exchange of ideas and information.  
Ideas and information belong to the air signs, which are primarily Vata.

That being said, I would say there is some pent up frustration with the world, 
the United States, and the overall condition of human life that spurs arguments 
and contradictory replies on FFL.  The only people I would say may have a Pitta 
imbalance would be those who have consistent angry rants. 


--- In, srijau@...  wrote:
> certain individuals posting here likely have raging Pitta imbalances. It is 
> aggravated Pitta that makes one hypercritical. There are some herbs that are 
> very good for this kind of imbalance like chrysanthemum and self-heal. 
> Correcting the imbalance could give rise to a lot of bliss and create a whole 
> new more healthy perspective. Best of luck to all and Jai Guru Dev.


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