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> > OK, serious question here to all those who have defended 
> > Maharishi as a saint and true holy man. 
> > 
> > How do you account for the stories that several of his 
> > former skin boys have told about his sexual escapades? 
> > Mark Landau, Billy Clayton, Nedd Wynn and others have 
> > told stories that are very similar as to what who and when.
> > 
> > Do you think they are all lying and if so why? Or do you 
> > honestly think it is alright for a true holy man who 
> > always said he was a lifelong celibate to have sex 
> > repeatedly and lie about having done so?
> You won't get a serious answer from believers MJ, they are unable
> to square years of devotion to someone they assumed was living
> the life he claimed he was with the ugly truth that he was abusing
> his position of power by seducing credulous, starry-eyed girls. 
> He knew better and pretended he was celibate because that is what
> is expected of the holy, for some reason this is equated with being
> enlightened, probably because it symbolises they live their lives
> in a state beyond the normal emotional drives of the rest of us.
> Most TB's will claim it's all lies or that he was "helping them with
> their evolution" or that it was between consenting adults (any 
> teacher loses their job for sleeping with students) or he wasn't 
> as enlightened as we thought - completely ignoring everything that 
> has been said about him up to that point. Standard cognitive 
> dissonance in fact.
> I'll tell you the truth though, because I care about that sort of
> thing.

It's simple inertia. A body at rest (in fantasy) tends to
stay at rest; a body in motion (helping to perpetuate the
fantasy) tends to stay in motion. 

The people who cling to their fantasies about Maharishi
do so because they cling to similar fantasies about them-
selves. Such as, "I could not *possibly* have been wrong
about how I perceived him. I'm smarter and more intuitive
than that."

The problem is compounded in those who carefully stayed
away from him and never met the man. They got to base 
their fantasies on what he wrote in books and said on
videotapes, and carefully stayed far, far away so that
they'd never have to encounter any reality that might
contradict their fantasies. 

But at a more fundamental level, their fantasies still
revolve around the one that he sold them. That is,
that if they just keep doing what they were told to do,
they themselves will become perfect, their every action
in tune with the Laws Of Nature, their every desire
fulfilled by them. If they admit into their awareness
a glimmer of the reality that THIS WAS NOT TRUE 
then they'll have to admit that it's likely not going 
to be true for them, either, and that they have spent
their lives chasing a fantasy. 

Can't have that. 

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