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> Yeah, I am not hung up on sex being bad or any of that, regardless of what 
> may or may not have been said about it by Maharishi. Seven billion people or 
> whatever our population is currently, are pretty good evidence it is a 
> mutually enjoyable activity.
> As far as what Maharishi said or did, I'd rather spend my time examining my 
> own life, so that I can constantly improve it. Those like Barry, MJ, 
> Salyavatin' and others who focus so much interest on how Maharishi may have 
> screwed up, are imo, lost in the sauce, so to speak. 
> The other dirty little secret is that Bee and MJ and Saliva's denigrating of 
> Maharishi, has *absolutely nothing* to do with Maharishi!!-lol. These are 
> more like grumpy old men looking for excuses to justify their inner 
> discontent - nothing more. 
> Some people, for some reason are clueless with regard to this type of 
> projection. No capacity for self reflection, more like a knee-jerk reaction: 
> They feel bad, and it must be Maharishi or something external that they must 
> rail against to feel better. 
> It is quite an immature reaction, and like I said, has nothing to do with the 
> external target, and much more to do with their emotional discomfort.

That's an interesting idea, one which you have brought forward before. 
Regarding MJ and Salvia's hate I'm sure you are correct, they seem to possess 
different levels of non-accomplishments and need someone ELSE to blame. 
Whereas the Turq and Vaj always seemed to have the Buddhist angle, as if the 
success of TMO in Buddhist countries was too much for them to handle and 
they've started some sort of religious vendetta. 
But you could be right, perhaps these two characters are also just clueless 
about themselves and utterly miserable. 
There certainly isn't a day here without the Turq trying his outmost to try to 
prove this :-)

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