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> Yes, there are people who do such things in life

Define "such things in life." Whatever "such things" are,
they'd have to be very close to the facts of the TM
situation to apply to TMers as Barry has suggested.

> not connected to TM and it would apply to some that have
> done TM too

Look, Michael, I know we can't expect anything from you
but a knee-jerk defense of Barry, but just for the record:

The first time Barry made this suggestion, it referred to
me specifically, and I think it's safe to assume it still
does in his mind, perhaps now including other FFL TMers
who never had the chance to spend time with Maharishi.

Where it fails on its face, quite definitively, is that
if I and these other FFL TMers were bent on never
encountering anything that could disturb our purported
fantasies about Maharishi, FFL is the last place we
would be inclined to hang out (in my case for 17 years,
including my participation on alt.meditation.transcendental,
which was also full of TM critics).

If I were intent on preserving those purported fantasies,
would I have pointed you to Judith Bourque's book, which
you appear not to have known about, or the extensive
discussions we've had about it here?

And with regard to non-FFL TMers, the suggestion is just
as silly. To have one's fantasies about Maharishi
challenged firsthand, one would have to have been into
TM when he was still accessible, either early on when
he was conducting long rounding courses for meditators,
or later when he was leading TTCs--but before he withdrew
into his digs at Vlodrop--or one would have had to have
been on his staff.

To claim, as Barry does, that any TMer who was never in
any of these situations has been deliberately avoiding
them in order to preserve their Maharishi fantasies is
obviously absurd. *Barry* knows this, but he also knows
there are folks here like you who will fall for it because
it confirms your preconceptions, and you don't have the
imagination to see beyond them--or even a strong enough
grasp of logic to see through his attempt to mislead

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> Salyavin, Michael, I'm genuinely curious to know whether
> you think this makes a lick of sense:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, turquoiseb  wrote:
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> > The problem is compounded in those who carefully stayed
> > away from him and never met the man. They got to base 
> > their fantasies on what he wrote in books and said on
> > videotapes, and carefully stayed far, far away so that
> > they'd never have to encounter any reality that might
> > contradict their fantasies.
> Does *anybody* here think this makes a lick of sense?
> It's not the first time Barry's made this suggestion. So
> either *he* believes it, or he thinks others will.

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