I think one of the signposts of the lack of oomph the TMO has is the fact that 
after Oprah came out in support of TM there was so far as I know no explosion 
of people getting initiated. Normally whatever Oprah endorses temporarily zooms 
in popularity and lots of her fans run go get it. If this had happened, I think 
the TMO would have been crowing about it to high heaven. 

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By saying MMY is greater than Rama, Krishna, and Buddha, you've put yourself in 
the same category of the 'Hare Krishnas' who once claimed there will never be a 
master as great as Swami Prabhupadha. 

I remember when I was at MIU many students would always ask why this knowledge 
disappeared and why it can't be easily spread to the masses.  The reply, which 
is a direct quote from MMY, is that 'Pure Knowledge is like water that shatters 
on the hard rocks of ignorance'.  So it's a default answer anytime someone 
asks.  Basically, it's a very benevolent way of saying 'because people are 

But after seeing the behaviour and actions of many people in the TMO, I'm 
convinced that it's not just that people are ignorant.  It's also because 
followers of 'pure knowledge' develop a lot of narcissistic and arrogant traits 
that make anything they have to say seem very unattractive to anyone.  It 
reminds me of a public speech by John Hagelin in either 1996 or 2000.  He stood 
up in front of a crowd talking about failed government policy vs. enlightened 
policy.  And though I agree with many ideas he expressed, what I noticed about 
him was something very peculiar.  There was this blatantly arrogant tone in his 
voice and body language combined with a know-it-all attitude.  When I watched 
that speech, I prayed to God that he never gets any significant publicity.  
Saturday night live and other comedians would eat someone like him alive after 
seeing a speech like that.   It is obvious to me that the reason the NLP didn't 
gain much momentum, and TM isn't
 marketing that well is not because everyone is dumb.  It's because those 
following the TMO/NLP/MMY the closest have so many bizarre traits that nobody 
will listen to them. 

So before we go around and say MMY is the greatest master (or whatever term you 
want to use), I would be cautious to see how long his influence really lasts.  
None of us were alive when Buddha, Krishna, or Rama were around, so we have no 
idea how many people were positively influenced by them.  Besides, we don't 
really know if Krishna or Rama really existed, speculation only.  But the 
bottom line is that Buddha, Krishna, and Rama have all given rise to many 
religious nuts and cults that I'm sure are far off track from the original 
teaching.  And I don't see any indication that the TMO is on any different path 
than all the other nutcase cults that exist in this world.  I firmly believe we 
are capable of screwing up the spreading of TM to the world in the same way 
Bhuddism and Hinduism have resulted in many screwed up cults and followers. 

In other words, it's not 'Pure Knowledge shattering on the hard rocks of 
ignorance', but perhaps its 'Followers of Pure teachings becoming unattractive 
and narcissistic megolamaniacs that nobody wants to listen to' that destroys 
the chances of spirituality expanding in this world. 


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> > Let me guess.. creating the biggest spiritual egos?
> Correct, universal egos :-)


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