Richard, very wonderful info, thanks for posting.  I googled topics and got 
wandering in a fascinating world.  I love that idea of a gateless gate.

Here's a website with some of Lady Yeshe's writings.

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> As if I am going to pretend talking about tantic 
> activity is not arousing....
In fact you're already a Sky Dancer from birth.

But, until realization we think we are on a path
to the other side, and we must pass through a gate.

If you do cross over to the other side, you will
find that there's no other side, a gateless gate,
and there was no crossing over.

Go figure.

"Yeshe Tsogyel, consort of Guru Padmasambhava, is 
the most famous of the enlightened women of Tibet. 
Women have a special place in tantra, but except 
for Sky Dancer there are few writings that present 
the spiritual practices and evolution of female 
aspirants. Here women are in an eminent position, 
and a path of practice is given for present-day 
initiates to emulate. Keith Dowman has added a 
commentary on the path of inner tantra, woman and 
the dakini, and the Nyingma lineages."

'Sky Dancer'
The Secret Life And Songs Of Lady Yeshe Tsogyel 
by Keith Dowman 
Snow Lion, 1996 

> > > > I'm just saying that just as they shouldn't 
> > > > necessarily limit tantra to what they know 
> > > > about it, neither should you....
> > > > 
> > Bharitu: 
> > > I have to respectfully disagree because there 
> > > are classic definitions of tantra...
> > > 
> > Something tells me you two are not practicing 
> > tantrics.
> > 
> > A sure sign that someone is not practicing tantra 
> > is that they deny the sexual origins and goals of 
> > tantra. LoL!
> > 
> > Everyone knows that tantra yoga began as a sex cult
> > in Gupta Age India; tantrics sought to fuse the 
> > male and female aspects of the cosmos into a blissful 
> > state of consciousness. There's no life without sex 
> > and the combination of male and female is the path 
> > to the non-dual experience. 
> > 
> > "The rites of Tantric cults, while often steeped in 
> > symbolism, could also include group and individual 
> > sex. One text advised devotees to revere the female 
> > sex organ and enjoy vigorous intercourse. Candidates 
> > for worship included actresses and prostitutes, as 
> > well as the sisters of practitioners." 
> > 
> > Work cited:
> > 
> > 'Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here'
> > By William J. Broad 
> > Posted on February 27, 2012 
> >
> >


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