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Great stories, nicely told. I never had anything to do with Kriyananda and his 
set, or the Yogananda trip, but I *completely* get the "similar vibe to MUM" 
thang, having experienced it in any number of spiritual trips. I have nothing 
to add to your excellent rap except to riff off of a typo in your post that you 
probably didn't notice but which set me to laughing -- Yodananda.  :-)

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> That is a funny funny post - I do love your style of writing and I laughed 
> out loud when I read your quote of Bhairitu's take on FFL.
> One experience I have not mentioned here is that 2 years after I left MIU I 
> was with a woman in Boulder (not a TM woman) and she wanted to do a 
> "pilgrimage" with Swami Kriyananda at their place outside Nevada City called 
> Ananda. Ann and I had taken a trip to Portland where we made friends with a 
> couple who were into Kriyananda (I am still friends with them, Ann, not so 
> much).
> Anyway they had this tradition of doing "pilgrimage" going to India to visit 
> the places Yogananda and his guru Sri Yukteswar and his guru Lahiri Mahasaya 
> had lived and taught.
> Well, somehow some of the descendants of Yogananda got annoyed at people 
> wanting to traipse through their homes and told them to get lost - so in 
> 1989, Kriyananda organized a pilgrimage of one of Yodananda's nephews and one 
> other guy who was supposed to the the great-grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya to 
> come to America to Ananda.
> What struck me after being there at Ananda for a day or two was that even 
> though the techniques were different, even though they were really into music 
> and chanting, the vibe there was just like it was at MIU. I was struck by the 
> similarity of the way people dressed, the way they spoke, their polite yet 
> aloof manner and just about everything about the Ananda people was just like 
> the MIU crowd. I remember after the first meeting and then group meal I was 
> sitting in the dining hall thinking that you could take the MIU folks and put 
> them here and take these folks and put them at MIU, you would never know the 
> difference.
> One funny thing I heard was the nephew of Yogananda was in his 80's and when 
> he came to the US it was his first trip outside of India. When I met him, he 
> was tall, thin and had a very sweet, sattvic demeanor. The people from Ananda 
> who had been assigned to pick him up from the airport took him through San 
> Francisco where he insisted on trying out a trolley car. The Ananda people 
> nearly crapped in their pants because he got on the back of the car and swung 
> himself back and forth on the pole at the back of the car - they finally got 
> him to come in and sit down but one of them said he nearly had a heart attack 
> fearing Yogananda's nephew was going to fall off the trolley and get killed 
> on his watch.
> That old man was pretty cool to be around - the great grandson was kind of 
> full of himself, but all in all it was in interesting experience. Kriyananda 
> had not at that point been accused of sexual improprieties and had not fled 
> to Italy - he told all sorts of Yogananda stories including that Yogananda 
> had confided to him that he (Yogananda) had been Arjuna in a previous life.
> Not that anyone cares what I think, I was not overly impressed withe the 
> Swami - he just seemed like a kindly old man - there wasn't any real energy 
> there, but you would have thought he was God incarnate from the way the 
> Ananda people fawned all over him.
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> You make good points, and I withdraw my parallel. :-)
> I think this place (FFL) is best approached as "enter-
> tainment that has the capability of teaching." Like you,
> I have learned from many in my time here, and as much
> from those who disagreed with me as from those who 
> agreed. 
> I'm fairly comfortable with my views of Maharishi, TM,
> the TMO, and spirituality in general, but IMO *none* of
> them constitute anything resembling "truth." They're 
> just ideas that I have. I don't so much "believe in them"
> as "wear" them for a bit while toying with them. In so
> doing, occasionally I throw them out onto the Internet
> like spaghetti against a refrigerator; some idea-strands
> stick, others don't. No big deal either way. 
> I honestly don't think there is enough there there about 
> the whole TM experience to get emotional about or attached 
> to. For me, at least. But I enjoy playing with ideas about 
> it, as a form of amusement and as an opportunity to learn.
> It's one of my weird ideas of fun. 
> What many of my detractors don't seem to understand when
> they cast me as a villain with a grudge against Maharishi
> is that I really couldn't give a flying fuck about him.
> He doesn't interest me. I'll never read a book about him,
> and have trouble making it through any of his quotes when
> they are posted here. He's so much a part of my past that
> I really can't identify enough to get all that interested
> in him. 
> But THE TM MOVEMENT, and the people who populated it, or
> continue to, THEY are more interesting. FFL is, as Bhairitu
> suggests, "the Funny Farm Lounge." It's a zoo. It's a never-
> ending education in the ongoing history of spiritual
> movements -- or cults, if you prefer -- past, present, 
> and future. Sooner or later every quirk or weirdness I've
> witnessed or even heard about in *any* spiritual group,
> *anywhere*, *anytime* gets acted out here on Fairfield 
> Life. It's like a microcosm of spiritual weirdness.
> And, as that great philosopher Zaphod Beebelbrox said
> so eloquently, "Anything for a weird life." 
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson  wrote:
> >
> > From Barry:
> > 
> > "As for parallels, I think mine was apt. Michael obsesses
> > on Maharishi and the TMO because it's an *ongoing issue*.
> > None of the practices and dishonesty he's upset about
> > have stopped; instead, they are normal, everyday policy.
> > But there is another sense in which your stalking is 
> > like his (apologies in advance to Michael if I'm incorrect, 
> > none needed with regard to the Judester because everyone 
> > here knows I'm correct)."
> > 
> > 
> > I may have tried early on to convince others here on FFL that another point 
> > of view might be wise, but it didn't take long before I learned that was a 
> > forlorn hope - for the last several months at least I have been asking 
> > questions and learning things both facts, personal anecdotes and opinions 
> > that have helped me make sense of my time with TM and make sense of TM and 
> > the TMO and Marshy in general.
> > 
> > Aside from that, I do the same thing now that you say you do, I say how I 
> > feel or what I believe and I do pose questions sometimes to see what others 
> > believe - I have no illusions that anyone here will change their minds.
> > 
> > I would like to thank to everyone who has posted here - I have been 
> > criticized for agreeing with you Barry and it is true that sometimes you 
> > can really cuss people out but for me I have gained a great deal of insight 
> > from your points of view and the stories of what you saw and did in the TMO.
> > 
> > I have gained not only from what you and Sal and Curtis have posted it but 
> > others as well - if it weren't for Rick I might not have had my eyes opened 
> > to M's sexual escapades - and while others excuse the behavior and even say 
> > it made him "more human" for me it goes to credibility - I have a hard time 
> > with believing someone is doing things in my best interest when they are 
> > lying to my face everyday. It has been most helpful too to read much of 
> > Ravi and Bhairitu's posts - a perspective of TM from the Indian perspective.
> > 
> > 
> > I have also gained from the exchanges with Nabby, Dr. D, seventhray and 
> > others who have disagreed with or criticized me - it helped me see that 
> > some people will hang on to their illusions no matter what - and I realize 
> > they believe I am hanging on to my illusions. FFL has been very helpful for 
> > me and at times quite amusing. So thank you everyone.
> > 
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> > > > > --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson  wrote:
> > > > > (snip)
> > > > > > You vilify politicians and people in high finance who do the
> > > > > > exact same things that Maha did and give him a free pass for
> > > > > > doing what you don't tolerate in others. I understand it, but
> > > > > > I shore don't agree with it.
> > > > > 
> > > > > What good would vilifying him do, Michael? You appear
> > > > > to enjoy wallowing in your outrage, but you won't be
> > > > > satisfied until everyone else is wallowing in it too.
> > > > 
> > > > Sorta the way *you* do when obsessing on Curtis or Vaj 
> > > > or myself or others of your enemies? Just sayin'... :-)
> > > 
> > > Allow me to obsess a little more and point out that you
> > > carefully, deliberately, and dishonestly failed to quote
> > > the part of my post that refutes your accusation: Like
> > > dishonest politicians and banksters, you are alive and
> > > kicking and being destructive.
> > 
> > If what you wished to accomplish was to *demonstrate*
> > your obsession, and your tendency to project onto those
> > you dislike your *own* negative qualities, feel free.
> > I "allow" you. By all means, obsess away.  :-)
> > 
> > I never even *read* the parts of your post that I snipped,
> > much less deleted them "intentionally." That's something
> > *you* repeatedly accuse people of, because you're...uh...
> > insane, and you have a tendency to accuse others of the 
> > very tactics that *you* employ. :-)
> > 
> > As for parallels, I think mine was apt. Michael obsesses
> > on Maharishi and the TMO because it's an *ongoing issue*.
> > None of the practices and dishonesty he's upset about
> > have stopped; instead, they are normal, everyday policy.
> > But there is another sense in which your stalking is 
> > like his (apologies in advance to Michael if I'm incorrect, 
> > none needed with regard to the Judester because everyone 
> > here knows I'm correct). 
> > 
> > That's the fact that it seems to *matter* to you both
> > very much that you are able to *convince* others to see
> > issues and obsessions the same way you do. You try to
> > *persuade* others to believe the way that you do, and
> > pile on to the issues you believe are issues. 
> > 
> > I honestly don't try to do that. I'm here just for my
> > own amusement. I state my opinions -- making clear that
> > opinions is *all* that they are -- and then allow others
> > to react or not react, as they see fit. I don't get drawn
> > into long ego-battles to establish my opinion as the
> > correct one or the dominant one, and I don't try to get 
> > other people to defend an opposite position. If they 
> > choose to do that, it's their choice; if they choose not 
> > to, that's their choice too. Either way is fine with me. 
> > 
> > Compare and contrast with the Judester, whose *entire
> > online life* can be accurately characterized as a quest
> > to get other people to see things the warped way she
> > sees them, agree with it, and align themselves with her
> > in demonizing the people or orgs she believes are demons.
> > Michael, you have a touch of that yourself, although
> > not really in the same ballpark as The Corrector. She's 
> > obsessed about *her* nemesis (moi) for over seventeen
> > years now, trying her best to get everyone on every forum
> > we've shared to think badly of me and diss me the way
> > they "should" according to her world view.
> > 
> > What really gets her panties in a twist is that she has
> > *failed* in this. People still manage to interact with
> > me without wearing the hate-blinders she wants them to
> > wear; people still realize that often I point out truths
> > about Maharishi, King Tonytwit, TM, and the TMO, and 
> > react to them as what they are -- mere opinions, not an
> > attempt to sell them anything. 
> > 
> > This drives her crazy. It drove her crazy when people
> > continued to like Curtis and Vaj and Sal Sunshine, too.
> > It *still* drives her crazy when people continue to like 
> > or say positive things about Andrew Skolnick, or Mike
> > Doughney, or John Knapp, or John From Brazil -- all 
> > people she's dedicated *enormous* amounts of time and
> > energy and hatred towards getting people to hate, too.
> > 
> > What precipitated this set of attacks on MJ, from my
> > point of view, is that this was happening again. A few
> > people were reacting...uh...not negatively to Michael,
> > and to me, so she "had" to step in to Correct Things. 
> > It's her dharma, you see -- she really does see herself
> > as Andrew lampooned her: Judy Stein: Defender of the 
> > Faith. :-)
> > 
> > Consider all of this, Michael. IMO, there is really no
> > point in trying to convince TM TBs to believe anything 
> > other than the TM TB dogma they already believe. You
> > can only express opinions, and then sit back and watch
> > to See What Happens. Change takes time, and in matters
> > of belief, only comes from within. 
> > 
> > Don't bother spending a lot of energy trying to convince
> > them -- it simply cannot be done. Just state what you
> > believe and then allow *them* to make your points for 
> > you by overreacting and going into "Kill the messenger"
> > mode. If what you desire is to make the point that TM
> > practitioners are cultists, their *own behavior* demon-
> > strates this far better than anything you could say. 
> > 
> > As for Judy, I will *continue* to express my opinions,
> > and a few feeble minds here will *continue* to join her
> > in overreacting to them, and at the same time some posters
> > here will *continue* to like me *anyway*, and there is 
> > simply nothing she can do about this. If she's been an
> > absolute failure at this quest of hers for seventeen
> > years, she's not going to turn it into a winning streak
> > at this late stage of the game. :-)
> > 
> > And in the end, that knowledge is the best possible 
> > revenge for seventeen years of stalking.  :-)
> >


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