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> > As to Maharishi's sexual behavior, it doesn't bother me all that 
> > much that he did it, I was curious about how those who think he
> > was the best thing since sliced bread worked it out in their
> > heads that the skin boys had come forward with such stories -
> > I figured most would say they thought the skinboys were lying,
> > but they didn't.
> Once Judith Bourque's book came out, there was no longer
> any question that the skinboys weren't lying. You really
> should read the discussions we had here about the book.
> They contain much more detailed reactions than you've
> been able to elicit. For most of us, by this time it's
> old news.
> > Although we didn't hear from folks like nabby.
> Based on his past posts, he doesn't disbelieve it, but
> he doesn't find it upsetting.

If someone tells you: "I'm an normal human being", how could you become upset 
if this person had sex ? I wish people spent their energy on better things than 
speculating about the private lives of others.

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