On 02/06/2013 06:26 AM, navashok wrote:
> Recently a friend alerted me that an Advaita teacher he knows, Cesar Teruel, 
> 'renounced' his enlightenment, making a 'Confession' at his facebook page 
> https://www.facebook.com/teruelcesar He is on Batgap too 
> http://batgap.com/cesar-teruel/
> The confession is only recent. To me it seems that the guy has strong 
> enlightenment experiences, and actually uncovers deeper layers of 
> conditioning. It has nothing to do with forcefully de-enlightening oneself. 
> To me this guy seems to be very honest and straightforward, so his 
> 'confession' is rather a plus than a minus..

Often people who "renounce" their enlightenment weren't enlightened to 
begin with.  One should never claim enlightenment but it is perfectly 
okay to say one is experiencing some enlightenment.  It is an ongrowing 
experience.  And of course obsessing over enlightenment is an impediment 
to developing it.

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