I don't think you could not be struck by the similiarties of Robin's

I guess, luckily for everyone, Robin's deal blew up, or perhaps more
accurately, petered out.

As I've noted before, you do not hear complaints about financial, or
sexual impropieties with Robin.  It was mostly the "control" stuff, and
emotional abuse.

On the other hand, with Andrew, there wasn't any mention of the teacher
taking advantage of students sexually either.

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> > This time about Andrew Cohen:
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> > Making Sense of Post-Cult Trauma & the Relational System of
> > the Traumatizing Narcissist
> >
> > My Thirteen Years at EnlightenNext
> > by William Yenner
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> Amazing story, I wonder just how many groups like this there are
> at any one time? There ought to be a govt department keeping
> tabs on them all. If you include all the christian fundy cults
> there must be a significant shift of the nations money into the
> pockets of maniacs.
> Read a good book called "Spying in guru land" by William Shaw,
> he's a journalist who spent a year joining as many cults and
> secret religious/spiritual groups as he could find. Fascinating
> stuff, they range from multi-million pound organisations
> formed by early defectors from the TMO to a plumber and his
> girlfriend waffling shallow new age garbage in their council
> flat in Peckham. All of them have devoted members who will
> do pretty much anything to be near their teachers (and spend
> any amount of money).
> The cunning thing is the way they hide behind a screen of
> offering acceptable sounding relaxation techniques or just
> philosophy discussion classes and then they slowly reel you
> in to the belief system and the hidden Truth and before you
> know it you're standing on a hill at midnight waiting for
> UFO's, speaking in tongues with the master of the galaxy, or
> even hopping around on bits of foam thinking you are creating
> world peace! Nowt so queer as folk....

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