On 02/08/2013 05:29 AM, Richard J. Williams wrote:
> Bhairitu:
>> I hate our tax system.  It's like they expect everyone
>> to be a bookkeeper.  But we know that only a small
>> percentage has the mindset for that.A flat tax is
>> fair to everyone and a flat tax is the best tax code
>> to generate the economy...
> Flat taxes offer simplicity in the tax code. A flat is
> a tax where everyone pays one tax rate on income, with
> no exceptions. A flat tax system would lower the cost
> of federal tax administration - only businesses and the
> self-employed would have to interact with the the IRS.

A flat tax impacts the poor more.  Say 15% of a poor person would hurt 
more than a rich person.  The way around this is to only have token tax 
on people who don't yet have an estate worth probably $250K.  Above that 
the flat tax could kick in.  But I would also ceiling the estate and use 
taxes to prevent crazy people from destroying the world because they got 
too rich.  The latter we're already seeing.

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