The Buck stops here!
Feel good all over does not matter on the individual. We can feel the dysentery 
and sickness in the domes of incubation of pathogens when the stars of the 
almighty align with the who's who TMZ (no doz version) with their communicable 
experience from Kumbha Mela celebrations, right there on the sheet covered foam 
collective consciousness for world enlightenment. 
Join Buck now, there is a calm before the storm of weathered bodies return, 
join now, leap to the faith of neem oil and Amoxicillin and forever hold your 
peace. How do you spell, relief?

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> > > Once you get to the top of the mountain, there is nothing there. So
> you come down to the valley and have lunch. I saw Krishnamurti once, and
> cannot remember a thing he said, but at that time, I did not have as
> much capacity to grasp what he was saying as I do now. I know a lot less
> now than I did then, so perhaps now, more of what he said can get
> through.
> > >
> >
> > I 'met' Krishnamurti in 1986, not in the body anymore, but through his
> books, 'Series on living' on my first trip to India in Noida in the TM
> library. I was immediately struck and started to write down quotes into
> my diary. It resonated strongly with me at the time. Later, when I had
> left the movement, I met quite a few persons who were strongly
> influenced by him, knew him personally, or went to all his talks, and I
> started reading other books, the biographies, and especially touching,
> his last diaries. I know one old lady in Madras, who was close to him
> when he still was in Theosophy, that is around 1929, she was connected
> to the circle of people around JK at this time in Theosophy, as
> described in Mary Lutyens biography. Above that,
> >
> Not another spiritual person here who has left the movement?  If things
> go well with your karma and it all, you may still be able to join with
> the large group meditation here. You can apply to meditate with the
> large group on-line.   We could certainly use some more with us. 
> Yesterday morning there were only 315 men in meditation here.  A bunch
> of people have fallen out of line and gone to hob-nobbing with
> celebrities in India at that Kumbla Mele there.  You just know they are
> going to come back sick and disabled casualties of India.  We could
> certainly use a few more good meditators right here to hold the line.
> > I spend time in India in the city where he was born, where there is
> still a large theosophic school, and Rishi Valley school, one of the
> best schools in India founded by him, closeby. Certain lanes in the old
> city are named after theosophic characters, from Blavatskies books, and
> there is an Annie Besant circle I pass by frequently.
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