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> I doubt you've even heard of it in the US unless you read
> the UK version of Huffington Post or some other British 
> rags, but one of the big scandals there right now is the
> discovery of...uh...unexpected meats in meat dishes and
> even in hamburger. 
> It started with the discovery that a LOT of supermarket
> and institutional hamburger was part horsemeat. Then they
> discovered that many of the prepared meat products sold
> by widespread supermarket chains such as Aldi not only 
> contained horsemeat, but were 100% horsemeat. 
> While I know that this very subject may be...uh...dis-
> tasteful for vegetarians, what I find myself wondering
> in all this furor is *why* meat packers and sellers 
> would do such a thing. Is horsemeat that much cheaper
> than beef? Where would horsemeat come from? Who would
> be profiting from selling it? And where did the horses
> rendered into meat products come from -- it's not as
> if people were raising horses *as* meat animals?
> Is it?
> What *happens* when one of the horses that you care for
> and love kicks the...uh...feed bucket? Now that I think
> of it, there *have* to be companies, vets, or whatever
> you can turn to in such situations, right? 
> I'm just curious about this whole thing...

Dear curious Turq,  This is a serious subject.  I've heard quite a lot about 
it.   Yes like with spirituality I have had a lot of experience with all of 
this subject over the long years.  But this is a subject I do not willingly 
have an opinion on that I'd share here with a bunch of suburbanites who too 
likely would go all emotional about something they have no idea about, 
particularly on a list that has nothing to do with horses or much about meat 
inspection for that matter.  Much better and more important is to stick to the 
spiritual FFL subject and don't go distracting the bandwidth here from larger 
spiritual things that should better be attended to here.  However, if you ever 
visit Fairfield I'd be glad to sit and talk about it with you over coffee 
- Buck out standing in his field    

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