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> It was honestly like living on a 1940's film noir set - especially on
a rainy predawn morning. We would get deliveries, from armored 18
wheelers - While the truck backed in, the cops are out in their ponchos
in the rain, with flashlights, low fog, the 1930's granite edifice of
the Mint in the background. The Mint sits on literally tons of silver,
and the security is unbelievable. The vaults on the first floor have
doors of polished steel, each about two and a half feet thick. The place
is still all 1930's deco inside, with lots of brass fittings, and
marble. Very cool!

Yes, I've noticed the same thing in many federal buildings including the
Federal Reserve builing in downtown St. Louis.  I have never made it
past the reception area, and that was over fifteen years ago, but it had
the same feel and same features.

I guess it's pretty obvious that we borrowed a lot from Greek and Roman

And then taking an architecural boat ride tour in Chicago, you get a
good idea of the influences from those times as well.

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