> > Not content to make up things about people she considers
> > her enemies, now Judy makes up "facts" about the 
> > Inquisition...
> >
> There aint't no doubt about it, she's lying. 
Everyone knows that the Roman Catholic 'Inquisition' was 
started in France during the 12th century in order to combat 
the spread of heresy and was later expanded to other 
countries in Europe. 

> She makes up little quibbles continuously to be able to 
> call other's liar and that is a lie as well. 
>From what I've read, the first Inquisition was established 
in Languedoc in the south of France in 1184. Barry should 
know this since he claims to have read over 200 books on
the Cathars. I'm sure thiswon't be lost onJudy. LoL!!!

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