> Now, run along, watch some TV, and stay out of trouble.:-)  
Watch TV on what - a laptop with dial-up modem? LoL!

Barry is apparently a military brat - he's never had a real
home, not even at age 60. Holed up in a bedroom in Amsterdam 
with what looks like depression and possible ex-PATS. Some
of these types of people just feel better when they have 
someone to talk to. Go figure.

"We never had any furniture because we were always short 
on money," says Lurtsema. Lenz's response has been that 
members are "spartan" because of their Buddhist beliefs. 
(To discredit Lurtsema, current follower and spokesperson 
Lewinson sent me affidavits detailing Lurtsema's past as 
a male stripper and a marine.)

> Honestly, I am not sure why people get upset at you 
> saying this.
> In addition to your blunders lately about The Inquisition, 
> Tantra, action during enlightenment, attachment, and many
> more, it is obvious you are tracking perfectly with 
> Maharishi's comment, "Knowledge Is Structured In 
> Consciousness". 
> You are not that bright a fellow. (Sorry). Smart enough 
> to make your way in the world and perhaps do a very few 
> unusual things. But in terms of grappling with the 
> diversity of values and actions available to humanity, 
> for spiritual exploration and discovery, you are waaaaay 
> out of your depth. You mask this by making supposedly 
> outrageous remarks, based on your lower consciousness.
> You are simply a person with material consciousness. 
> Anything beyond that, your emotions, Tantric life, 
> enlightened consciousness (vs. a few "dirty" experiences), 
> is completely out of your depth.
> If spiritual discovery could be represented by an object, 
> such as a book, you are very much like a two year old 
> child, who, when given that book, throws it across the 
> and begins bawling.
> Now that I have caught on to your unsuitability on here, 
> due to your undeveloped consciousness, I sincerely 
> apologize for ever getting upset with you. It took me 
> awhile to catch on.

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