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I don't know anything about Eckhart Tolle because I haven't read anything
about him. Like I said I look for concrete, demonstrable mystical
experiences causing altered states of consciousness. I doubt Eckhart had
any - of all the people in the West I have read in recent times only
Robin's experiences have been able to captivate my attention.

Amma is the one I have lot of data on since I spent 16 years in he cult.
Her autobiography, though mostly medeival mumbo-jumbo, has several
descriptions of her mystical experiences. But eventually her interpretation
of her mystical experiences in the context of Divine Mother and the crude,
medeival beliefs of her village as if Divine Mother was an actual physical,
objective entity is what led to her deception. There's also one video of
her fallling unconscious in the middle of the river Ganges. So there is
then even clear video evidence of her  mystical experiences. Her wiki
doesn't list all of this much because it has been tweaked to project her
deception as a huminatarian - but even at the age of 24 the only thing that
fascinated me was her mystical experience - rest of all was highly
fantasized and required great leaps of imagination and magical thinking
which my rational, analytical mind would never allow.

Other examples below

Jiddu Krishnamurti -

"It was at Ojai in August and September 1922 that Krishnamurti went through
an intense, "life-changing" experience.This has been variously
characterized as a spiritual awakening, a psychological transformation, and
a physical conditioning. The initial events happened in two distinct
phases: first a three-day spiritual experience followed, two weeks later,
by a longer-lasting condition that Krishnamurti and those around him would
refer to as the process; this condition would recur, at frequent intervals
and with varying intensity, until his death."

Ramana Maharishi -

"At the age of sixteen, Venkataraman became suddenly aware that his real
nature was imperishable and unrelated to his body, mind, or personality.[3]
Though many people have reported brief experiences of this, in
Venkataraman's case it was permanent and irreversible." More.." I seldom
had any sickness and on that day there was nothing wrong with my health,
but a sudden violent fear of death overtook me."

Robin once posted an excellent link on Christian mystics of the past -
But I don't take the levitation to be literal. However it's natural that
the mystics interpreted their mystical experiences in the context of
Christian doctrine and the prevailing social beliefs/customs, primitive
knowledge - whether it be levitation or stigmata.


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> Oh, one thing I will share is that this person said that without any doubt
> Marshy was a Hindu fanatic his whole life and his "courting" if you will of
> monks and so on of other religions was purely money motivated - he also
> said that some of Marshy's family members who came to see him in Europe
> were pretty shady characters, one of his uncles in particular.
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> > I'm more persuaded by what those closest to him observed, like the
> skinboys, one of whom I spoke with the other night for a while -
> I admire that.  Anything to share from that conversation?
>  besides, anyone that wants to can speak directly to Mother Divine - since
> we are all part of Divine Energy, all of us can connect - that's no big
> deal.

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