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> > > > great guy but for those easily confused,its not Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
> > > > nor Maharaja Adhiraja Rajaram!
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> > > > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivabalayogi
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> > > Yep, another example of an extraordinary holy person who has visited 
> > > Fairfield.  As a story and package he is a real trip but was helpful to 
> > > some Purusha and others here who had never had much by way of sitting 
> > > with clear experience of samadhi in their meditation practice.  
> > > http://www.shivabalayogi.ca/about.html
> > >
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> > Buck, which Shivabalayogi?
> Interesting distinction charted between spiritual teachers and yogis.
> Dear Navashok, I am not invested in this guy as a saint enough to know the 
> ins and out of this whole deal or which one comes to Fairfield, but it's the 
> guy in the link.  

Neither am I, nor am I judgmental about him. I think he's the guy my friend is 
organizing for, they have a center in North Carolina, IIRC his original name is 
Singh and he was Agra based.

In general my opinion about approaching any saint / guru etc is, that one has 
to see the guy before judging. I like the story you posted. I think that it is 
much more advantageous to meditate with a person who has this kind of Shakti or 
Samadhi experiences. Like Barry I think that this is more conducive to attain a 
deep meditative state than learning a technique. Learning a technique is good 
though for people who are starting. Some things have to be transmitted. 
Personally, I would be more interested in him than in Adyashanti or Tolle. 
(Again I can't judge them as I have never seen any of them). But what I collect 
from here and the report of friends, the later would be more something like 
spiritual teachers, I think it's probably enough to read their books, one 
doesn't have to meet them.

> This one was really powerful [field effect] to sit with and meditate.   Was 
> simply about dhyan meditation and he is cultivated that way.  He was 
> spiritually quite helpful to a number of people here who came to visit with 
> him as he came through Fairfield.  It was interesting to see.  -Buck   
>  There are several contenders for succession. I know of only one original 
> one, and at least 3 who continue his work, or whose body he has overtaken. 
> There is Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi 
> http://www.shivabalayogi.ca/livingyogi.html, there is Shivabalananda 
> http://www.meditate-shivabala.org/tour.html there is Shivarudrabalayogi 
> http://www.shivarudrabalayogi.org/shivarudra-balayogi. The original site says 
> that all his devotees are his successors, and he has not explicit successor
> > 
> > http://www.shivabalayogi.org/Shivabalayogi_Successors.htm
> > 
> > "Shivabalayogi repeatedly rejected any notion that yogis start lineages or 
> > named successors.  Spiritual leaders, not yogis, talk in terms of 
> > successors.  For example, when Swamiji was asked about lineages like that 
> > of Nityananda, Muktananda and Gurumayi, he insisted that such lineages had 
> > nothing to do with yogis.  He said that Nityananda is a yogi and those who 
> > promote their lineage to him are spiritual leaders."
> > 
> > I know that the original Shivabalayogi visted the USA, but I don't know if 
> > he went to Fairfield. I went to his Ashram in Bangalore, while he was 
> > there, but didn't see him, yet meditated there and had a strong Kundalini 
> > experience. That was in 1993, I went there again last year, and there was a 
> > meditation and aarati, and they said that one of the successors I believe 
> > was coming there regularly, but I don't know who.
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