On 02/13/2013 02:15 PM, Share Long wrote:
> Wow, this is the first time I've heard of Sanatana Dharma.

I'm amazed at that.  Not only does MMY mentioned it in the Gita but the 
SCI tapes too (if my memory serves me well).  He didn't invent that 
either because it is well known in Indian philosophy.  To be fair MMY 
just passes on a lot of stuff that is just standard Indian philosophy.  
I think some TM people think he discovered it.  I'm not even surprised 
that he observed that capitalism was on it's way to a fall.  You don't 
have to be enlightened to see that.  Just follow the logical order of 
things, keep the blinders off and look at the world from a global not 
compartmentalized view.

> Thanks for posting.  Also enjoyed your post comparing body to a car.  I've 
> often thought that if we knew in advance how much maintenance our vehicle 
> would need, we might not purchase it in the first place (-:

Maybe we need a "lemon law" for bodies. :-D

My mother carried me when she had hypoglycemia so I figure my weak 
adrenals are from that.   Our bodies change all the time so I've never 
figured that unless your doshas are very polarized that one meeting then 
another a month away would be very helpful.  Dr. Lad points out that you 
might only even need to use some ayurvedic cure for as little as a day 
to get results (sorta like taking an aspirin) and even a week later you 
could have flipped to the opposite dosha if you stay on it longer than 

> And about TM distracting people from becoming movers and shakers...I thought 
> it was the other way around.  That it's the world of movers and shakers 
> that's a distraction.  Sometimes I think 200% of life might have been 
> Maharishi's most revolutionary idea.

Not his idea either. Just standard Indian philosophy.  All he was doing 
was packaging it for western minds. As for movers and shakers, the 
original idea of professionals in some field teaching TM on the side was 
a great idea.  About a year after I returned from TTC he declared that 
the centers should be given over to the new MIU graduates.  Well this 
was about as smart as paying kids who just graduated from college with a 
BS in computer science a $120K a year job.  They didn't have enough 
"experience in life" and turned off a lot of the meditating community.  
Most should have had a year or two of apprenticeship in the field rather 
than "taking over".  That was when a lot of teachers began questioning 
their involvement in TM. Of course having a few zealots appoint 
themselves as "TM Gestapo" didn't help either.

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