I've got to add a funny little piece to the story, especially on this
Valentine's Day.  That is the power of the breast.  In those early days
and months as an infant, there was no trauma that could stand up to the
power of the breast.  I remember hearing from other friends about the
circumcision.  "Oh" they would say, "Our little guy was doing great
until the cirumcision, then he never slept well again"  I was expecting
the worst.  But as had happened many before that event, and hundreds of
time after, putting the baby up to the breast seemed to solve any
problem. He seemed to get over the "trauma" of the circumcism, in about
one minute.

And then once we realized that the baby could not tolerate (cow's milk)
dairy that he was getting via breast milk, then we were really home

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> > Hi Steve, hope you and your wife are having a sweet Valentine's
> Day.Â
> > Sorry to be nosy but did you all know from the start how many
> you wanted?
> > Are they choosing for themselves which religion to follow?
> Wow Share. You know just what questions to ask, to release a torrent
> of info from me.
> Fortunately it has been a very low key Valentine's day. A friend is in
> town, and it has caused me go to sleep late two nights in a row, and
> arrive home late from work. I had intended to stop at Aldi's on my way
> home tonight, and pick up some roses, but was not able to do so. So
> Valentine's day has been mostly my daughter giving a present to my
> I have mentioned here before that I was 35 when I got married, and my
> wife was 38. First time for both of us. We had our first child, a boy
> when she was forty, and the third child, a girl when she was 44.
> Inbetween was a boy.
> I hope I am not boring anyone yet. When she was pregnant with the
> child, we attended all the Lamaze (sp?) classes, and so in the
> room I was there as her "coach" to help with the breathing etc. To
> back up a bit, the due date came and went, and after one week, we
> learned of an acupunture pressure point, between the big toe and the
> next toe (I believe). That worked after a couple hours, and she went
> into labor.
> At any rate, I performed my role as coach, and soon a little boy
> out, and he scored an 8 out of 8 (think I have that right) on the
> Apscar test. And he performed well on most every test he's taken after
> that, at least until high school when he started to take his studying
> for granted. But I digress yet again.
> Anyway, by the time the second child was born, I was happy that I was
> allowed to be not quite as involved in the actual birth. That little
> guy popped out and was all red. Literally his body was very red. I was
> told that there was a strong Mars influence at the time of his birth.
> That was January 24 th, 1996. I don't remember what time.
> By the time the girl was born, I would not have minded being several
> hundred miles away, and to learn of her birth by a postcard. I had
> of had enough of the birthing room. Especially since there were some
> complications. Luckily, it all worked out. But it was a rather a
> wrenching experience. Thank God we were in the hospital and not at
> home, or giving birth in the bathtub under water, or some place with
> dolphins nearby. Really, I don't mean to demean those methods, but
> wouldn't have worked for us.
> By the time of the third one, there was not time for even an epideral.
> She had that for the first two I believe.
> Then came the breast feeding, and they all got that, for I think, 18
> months. I could go on and on with this story. Like the estrangement
> that took place between my mom and me and my mom and my wife nearly as
> soon as the first child was born.
> My mom had the expectation that we would want to offload the child to
> her, just as she had offloaded my older sister to her mom, so she
> resume her active social life. Problem was, my wife was 40 years old,
> had travelled around the world, had had a successful business career,
> and all that she, (and we) wanted was for her to be a full time mom.
> meant a significant loss of income, but we just modified our life
> The rend with my mom never really healed. Not even on my mom's death
> bed when she tried to make amends.
> And yes, my wife would not have minded having another child, but I
> three was really enough.
> And I think I have mentioned before that my wife is strong Catholic,
> I feel fortunate that she has undertaken the religious and spiritual
> upbringing of the children. I should qualify that by saying, the
> "formal" upbringing. They get a whole different perspective from me.
> Not by words, but by actions. I sort of think it is a perfect
> arrangment.
> Plus, they do get to partake of the major Jewish holidays, and that
> seems to give them street cred at the Catholic schools, they have
> attended all their lives.
> So, that's my Valentine's day story. Thank you for asking. I hope the
> day has been good for you as well.
> You might be interested in my friend who is visiting. Perhaps we can
> converse offline about that.

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