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> > > especially hilarious because you are pretty light-hearted on 
> > > here, 'til now, and Barry, like he always does, thought he
> > > had found an easy mark, a dumping ground for his general
> > > dis-ease.
> > 
> > Not for the first time, either. Obba brings out the
> > very worst of his sadistic tendencies.
> > 
> > I highly recommend the commentary by Robin on one of
> > Barry's outbursts of sadism directed at Obba January
> > before last:
> > 
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/301577
> > 
> > Fans of Robin's takedowns will also enjoy two follow-up
> > posts of his responding to Barry's impotent attempts to
> > brush off the first one:
> > 
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/301596
> > 
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/301675
> Ahem. Just back in from a fun day in Amsterdam. Two points:
> 1. "I might also point out that searching the Web for information
> to use against somebody is standard cyberstalking behavior."
> - Judy Stein, 11 February 2013  :-)

Yeah, she hurled this in an outburst of madness and anger on me. These words, 
coming from her, the master searcher, are just so absurd and hilarious, that I 
chose to not comment on it. It is indeed supreme self parody. You don't know if 
you should weep or laugh, can only roll your eyes and shake your head.

I give her the credit that she is now much older than me, and is clearly 
loosing marbles. Her attempts at logic seem to be directed at figuring out how 
much she is still functional. Her posts are actual test to see if her mind is 
still functioning, as her mental abilities is all she really has and was ever 
proud of. It reminds me of this scene of a famous movie:


> 2. "outbursts of sadism?" ALL that I said about obba, based 
> on her first dumbass overreaction to the article Alex posted,
> was that she was an idiot and ignorant, and that based on 
> that I could certainly understand why none of the guys she
> has flirted with here were interested in her. That's it. 
> In contrast, THIS is what she posted in reply, going batshit 
> crazy and claiming that I'd "snipped" (which I didn't). I 
> don't see the self-defined cyberstalker above pointing THAT 
> out to anyone. Crazy women of a feather flock together.  :-)
> > Precisely why you took the time to snip and cut what this 
> > post was in response too, and why you have much free time 
> > to troll on FFL. Your crusty undies are showing, from the 
> > shadow in the corner of the room, only lit by your laptop 
> > LED screen, and your perverted mind makes clear your real 
> > interest here, is to stroke your member and sip your drink 
> > to an imaginary friend, you call intellectual soft porn, 
> > waiting for the next gala to parade with your favorite
> > movie stars. Ahh, as the mangy castrated bull stands in 
> > the field watching the real males hump their way to 
> > offspring, something your squirt can only wish for
> > in the puddle of yellow spill below your belly. Tinkling 
> > delight of your urine sooth, Turq thinks, "Who's wife can 
> > I best beat off too, from this plastic keyboard orgasm 
> > happening in front of me and I assume my penis is erect 
> > for you oh cherished one."
> > Flirting? Flirting is your "imagination," for if this was 
> > the case, the visual verbiage would lay in private message 
> > as you so humbly write and respond to.
> > No, wait, the Turq knows when one is flirting and how can 
> > it be the most ignorant would come like the Ganges River 
> > and what single man with a working firm, wood, avoid what 
> > nature? Cleanse yourself, bathe in the waters of real
> > women.
> > Turq, back to your movie fantasy of women above cunt status, 
> > which is why you have never had a lasting relationship with 
> > any woman in your whole life, including your Mother who was 
> > glad to see you move away, that spurt your father left 
> > behind, her nightmare result, she knew she had to raise you 
> > to never reproduce. Window shopping in Amsterdam, need I 
> > say anymore?

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