Facetious and also proves you don't know crap about it

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 actually directed at all who have reviled me after I mentioned I had done such 
activity fora long time - at the time I left MIU there were a BUNCH of people 
in Fairfield into channeling, most of them having taken Bob Fickes' channeling 
class there in 1987
That's great.  I can just see it now.
Teacher: Okay class, today we are going to work on our channelling voice, or 
channelling demeanor.  It is important for each of you come up with your own 
unique style.  You may want to take on an Asian accent, or perhaps even a high 
pitched voice.
Student: Question teacher.  Do we need to have a different voice for the 
various entities we are channelling?
Teacher:  Yes, that would be desireable, but not absoutely necessary.
Student: Teacher, what about shaking or other body movements?
Teacher: We will cover that tomorrow.  Now I want to break into small groups 
and practice, what will become your unique style of speaking.

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