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> > Ravi, and anyone who wishes to join in, 
> > maybe he lost someone he loved and held very dear, at 
> > an early age?  Maybe he made some commitment and it 
> > did not hold? That would explain his following two 
> > main gurus in his life, trying to hide from those 
> > feelings. It seems good that he spends his time with 
> > a large happy adoptive family of a house stud, a 
> > couple of women, a child and the passerby's, a few 
> > dogs and throw rugs and blocks. 
> > He is lonely, or he would never have posted all that 
> > information about his personal life. :( 
> > Maybe he and Judy used to have somethin goin?
> No, we did not. Obba, I'd appreciate it if you would
> *leave me out* of your posts about Barry. Thank you.

OK, obba and Ravi and Jim and Raunchy and Ann are 
simply too pitiable to bother with, but the KARMA
of this particular situation is just too delicious
*not* to comment on, so I will.  :-)

After 17 years or more of trying to get others to
"pile on" to HER obsessions about other FFL posters,
Judy is finally getting what it FEELS like to be
*expected* to "pile on" when someone goes all 
obsessive on someone else's ass. What she's object-
ing to in obba's obsession is HER act, in spades. 

And what NONE of them seem to fully understand is
that they've been SET UP to react and obsess the way
they have been doing. I have *consistently* said what
*my* act on this forum is. It's really the opposite
of Judy's, and of these other mental midgets lately.
They -- still stuck in a kind of intellectual pre-
adolescence -- seem to believe that if they just rag
on someone long enough, they can actually persuade
others to believe that the things they are saying are
true. In other words, they're all about trying to
PROSELYTIZE, to CONVERT, to (dare I say it) get people
to join their pathetic little obsession cults. 

Me, I just figure out the *nature* of their obsessions,
selectively push a few of their buttons, and then sit

I even SAID SO at the beginning of this week. 

But did obba and Ravi and Jimbo and Raunchy and Ann 
pay attention? No, of course they didn't. They'd had
their buttons pushed, so they continued to obsess. 
AND they continued to try to get other people to PILE
ON to their obsessions, *exactly* the way that Judy
has done for over seventeen years. 

The problem from her side was that they were so 
STOOOPID in the ways they went about demonstrating
their obsessiveness that even SHE was embarrassed to
be considered a part of it. 

NOTE TO JUDY: *That* is exactly how most people on this
forum have felt about YOU for all these years. They have
tried to tell you this for many years, but you were always
so obsessed that you failed to be able to hear them. Now
you've learned what it FEELS like to have an obsessive
try to rope YOU into their obsessions, and pile onto them.

There is an opportunity here for Judy to learn something,
but I think we all know she won't. 

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