On 02/19/2013 12:06 PM, Buck wrote:
> "Although it would seem at first a minor item, one of the most
> troublesome issues in undertaking the editing of our work has been
> the establishing of a consistent policy for capitalization of words. The
> normal procedure of reserving such usage for proper names, the Deity and His 
> immediate attributes is brought to a sorry dilemma
> in a work which has as its major thesis the unity of all creation.
> This matter is made even more puzzling by the subtle fashion
> in which writers gradually draw the consciousness of the
> reader from the concept of The Unified Field in Its unmanifest states to those
> stages of development in which the individualized soul is apparently furthest 
> from realizing his essential eternal oneness with The Field.
> A strictly rational policy on capitalizations during such a progression of 
> development, ending in a final re t u rn to full union with the
> Being, is apparently unobtainable, and therefore the editors have
> adopted the more feasible usage of capitalizing the Deity and His
> immediate attributes, and thereafter have used capitals primarily for the 
> sake of emphasis and helping the reader to distinguish readily between 
> conditions associated with the higher as contrasted
> with the more gross planes (i.e., E n e rgy of the subtle planes compared to 
> nuclear energy)."

This is the what happens when Capitalism runs rampant. ;-)

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