Howdy back, Buck!   
 Yes i wuz a 'TM stormtrooper' ("Initiations by hook or by crook!") in N. 
America before the 108 group was invented.  Back then, things were pretty much 
decided by regional coordinators.  Unfortunately, there was no 
complaint-department, no ombuds-type persons, nor initiator's-union to address 
 One recurring gripe was simply about getting advanced course-acceptance in 
time to catch our dam' travel arrangements.  We had operated local residence 
courses for years, no problem.  Center staffers were prompt and always nice 
with applicants, so they kept coming to courses -- it was easy and fun.   Then 
a couple of 'Siddhas' arrived from Switzerland to take-over the center.   After 
alienating most of the 'strong' meditators, and generally screwing things-up, 
they disappeared back to Europe.  Our invincible-center closed shortly 
afterwards.  Bye bye, boys...
Surely by now, two-way communication channels are well-established and help 
with problems faced by teachers and administrators in the field.    Recalling 
all this stuff today, I also remember that we didn't touch others very often.  
Now, research is showing that friendly human contact helps develop empathy in 
people.   Geeze, we could've used more of that...  

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Executive TM Governor? Were you an executive Gov back in Switzerland, Holland 
or North America? Do you go back to the days of 108's?

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> Kyho, Iowans!
> I keep thinking to get off this chatter-group, but only for the unexpected 
> volume of messaging.  there are plenty of interesting topics to help get a 
> wider perception of what You Folks are pondering out there.   And just 
> curious, are there good career-opportunities in FF for aging 
> "executive-governors"?   Finally grok-ing some of the diverse spiritual 
> development advice & practices i've endured or enjoyed,  i might be a good 
> candidate for any quiet, guidance-oriented opening in Fairfield, or environs. 
> As a registered craniosacral therapist, i figure that You All, like 
> everybody, could use some quiet, extended-touch sessions.  Using a fluidbody 
> paradigme with an acquired, nature-oriented attention-span, my experiences as 
> a recipient, and as a practitioner, seem alot like that described as the old 
> Catharic rite of "Consolament".  Reportedly the sacrament of spiritual 
> baptism, it is described as an arcane method of human hand-touch ("imposition 
> of hands") which helps to prepare recipients to confront the Great Mystery.  
> It was advised for the clergy, often requested by dying Cathars, and 
> especially by those expecting torture and immolation for heresy at the 
> 'hands' of christian-mercenaries during the 1190 - 1220 CE Albigensian (first 
> internal) Crusade conducted in Southern France, by the Roman Church.  
> Cathars and others sought Consolamentum to rehearse the experience infusion 
> of Spirit and 'body-dropping'.   For myself, vivid Hubble-like perceptions of 
> a Pleroma of un-winking stars; visceral cotton-lightness; endless radiant 
> space; etc, all give confidence to advise looking closer into the BCST 
> paradigme.   And maybe try some sessions.  They could help Us All settle 
> deeply into silent and soothing somatic tempos -- just like when we were 
> tiny, embryonic, aquatic prenates... 

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