Om, what a Fabulous NYTimes article written by one of our own.  What an 
interesting article for its insight.  We're a very complex story to tell.   I'm 
telling ya there is at least a PhD thesis in this material about meditators 
with the TM movement reconciling the dissonance in our past even in the 
present.  Yep, Claire has written the good critical read and got it published.  
It will take some more like her to be able to get at it some more.  Some good 
journalism there.  Thank the Unified Field also for the 4th estate to help keep 
us all honest.       

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> David Lynch Is Back … as a Guru of Transcendental Meditation 
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> h1-articleLarge-v2.jpg]     David Lynch for The New York Times
> David Lynch took a self-portrait at Idem Paris, a fine-art printing
> studio, in December.
> Article at The New York Times here:
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