Passing along the most interesting linguistic theories I
have read in quite some time, one that I happen to agree
with. Professor Chen's theory of weak FTR languages 
explains a lot about different cultural attitudes about
relating to the future.

Parsing this theory and riffing on it for FFL, my bet is
that being an English-only speaker would not only make
it more difficult to plan and save for the future, it
would *also* make it more difficult to realize one's
enlightenment. The reason is the "future dissociation"
that Chen speaks of -- if you cannot imagine the future
as a logical extension of the present, you wind up  
incapable of incorporating a vision of yourself as 
enlightened *into* the present. It is always something
"out there," somewhere/somewhen ELSE, something that can
exist only in the future -- which does not even exist, 
because at every moment only the present exists. 

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