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> > I dunno... it didn't strike me as having blatantly spammy intent.
> Me, either. Nuttier than a fruitcake, yes...overtly
> spammish, no. This dweeb hasn't *really* set up shop
> anywhere, right? If it comes down to a judgment call, 
> or a consensus of opinion, I'd say this David guy is 
> no crazier than Nabby, and no more overtly spammish 
> than Share, at least so far.

Neither Nabby nor Share have ever tried to advertise
their own services on FFL. This fellow has, if you
actually read his post (which Barry obviously didn't).

> I think Jude is just upset that someone even more
> incoherent than Robin has appeared on FFL, and may
> steal his thunder. :-)
> After all, she's already begun to quote Robin in posts
> as if he were her cult leader, essentially invoking 
> the holy "Robinsez" the same way other people invoke 
> "Maharishisez."  :-) :-) :-)

Er, no, she hasn't, Barry's lying. He's still distraught
about the links I posted to three of Robin's posts that
thoroughly humiliated him.

The funny thing was that two of Robin's three posts were
in response to two of Barry's that Barry was smugly
confident were going to devastate Robin after Robin had
read him the riot act for his sadistic attack on obba.

Ooooopsie. There wasn't anything left of Barry but a little
grease spot once Robin got through with him.

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